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    Name an underrated weapon that you like from a video game.

    Came here just to say this. The crowbar is extremely iconic.
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    You guys ever played 100% OJ

    Yes, I used to play 100% Orange Juice game with my friends a lot. My starter character is Suguri.
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    I am have return

    Welcome back.
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    Sick of comparing between Minecraft and Terraria

    Both are great games. The customizability and content supplied in both are almost endless, they should not be compared head-to-head. Both games have each their own good qualities.
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    Can anyone here help me with programming?

    Nice! Best of luck with that :)
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    Worst customer service you've had

    Instagram because apparently it doesn't exist. Well, how am I supposed to recover my old account?
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    I play, albeit I am far from good. The best free, adless Chess server would be your best bet, all the features are free and you can analyze your completed games for study purposes. It really does help and you will eventually make fewer careless mistakes.
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    Anybody have experience with an "ergonomic" mouse like this one?

    I don't have that. But personally, I believe that while the design may be okay for general usage, it looks painful for gaming.
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    Take or show pictures of dangerous creatures you have encountered (in real life)

    The most intimidating thing I have seen was probably a tarantula encased in a glass cage. Not that interesting in hindsight, though. Australians see worse every day.
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    Highest drive letter

    B, I have one SSD for my OS and an HDD for storage. A and B drives were reserved for floppy disks, but as they became obsolete the C drive (hard drive) became the better choice for storage, thus becoming the main drive letter.
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    Can anyone here help me with programming?

    If you are completely new you can probably make a draft in a block-coding fashion (e.g. using a website like Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share). But shortly after that, you can probably move on to a game engine. There is a plethora of online tutorials that can help you on your journey with...
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    Why do cats not know what a doggy door is?

    This may just be your cat, I don't really see how the functionality would change unless the door dimensions were to be different.
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    Things you should never do when using a PC

    Don't let McAfee stay on your computer.
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    Casual E-books or physical books?

    Generally, I prefer E-books as opposed to physical copies. They are convenient and allow me to carry just one device instead of multiple books. The ability to annotate without actually defacing the pages is quite nice too.
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