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  1. Laggianput

    tModLoader Arrival of the Blind Forest

    how do you actually activate playing as ori?
  2. Laggianput

    Just green solution works on mud

    Just green solution works on mud
  3. Laggianput

    tModLoader Consolaria

    Whats the theme? Can you provide a link
  4. Laggianput

    Terraria won't launch, no error message

    i had the same issue on 1.4 just now
  5. Laggianput

    tModLoader Consolaria

    Does the mod work in 1.4 fine or not?
  6. Laggianput

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    I cant wait for the new terra blade v2... thing:)
  7. Laggianput

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2020

    So for switch basically the next update will have splitscreen, and stuff like old ones army? Also what are the odds of console 1.4 in the next few years?
  8. Laggianput

    Fastest way to destroy background walls?

    Light the axe with architect gizmo pack and builder postions?
  9. Laggianput

    PC Ballin' houses by Eiv

    Here is my underwater base i made recently in my game
  10. Laggianput

    Nintendo Switch Showcase Collection

    Would like to show my switch expert mode character
  11. Laggianput

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    Too bad the lore store series was not turned canon. It was amazing
  12. Laggianput

    Switch Terraria Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

    How long will it take for splitscreen?
  13. Laggianput

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2019

    I dont play on 3ds but i would like them to at keast get things missing like shiverthorn, back in. Plus there might be an alternate way to put dues in the game...
  14. Laggianput

    Console EZ Stuff: Pumpkin/Frost Moon. (frik under wrong catagory WHOOPS)

    I tried as much of this as i could on my mobile god character and i barly got wave ten for both moons
  15. Laggianput

    Terraria: State of the Game (9/14/18)

    You should try and port wii u to 1.3. The specifications are very close to enough and i think with at least some work it might be able to maybe happen...? Pls?
  16. Laggianput

    Wii U Wii u edition

    This thread is for how the wii u edition both could get inptoved and talking about what has happned for you on wii u
  17. Laggianput

    Resolved [Mobile] How should I spawn Solar Eclipse

    I needed to spawn an eclipse on mobile. I have a beam sword, picksaw and vampire knives but no solar eclipse yet wtf
  18. Laggianput

    Terraria Let's Plays

    Maybe try pythongb. No facecam though
  19. Laggianput

    What weapons do you think need buffed?

    I feel like original nights edge should have had a beam similar to the enchanted sword
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