1.3 Console Update: Front-End Menu Preview

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Safeman, May 12, 2017.

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    Hello Terrarians!

    While there is still no official release date for the Xbox One/PS4 1.3 update, we were recently treated with a quick sneak peek at some of the menu and UI changes during the Pipeworks Plays Terraria live stream. You can see the full preview below. Make sure to follow and stop by the Terraria Official Twitch Channel later today (2-4pm PST) for a special live stream with Pipeworks Studio designer Randy Lambert and other team members! See you there!

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    I'm loving how it is looking more and more like the PC version. The streams are a fun time to hang out with other Terrarians, and Liz is a wonderful host. Next week they said they plan to open their world again and invite any PS4 players to join it to continue the building project that they've started.
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    Wow! I'm loving Pipeworks more and more. And they are still on schedule! That is an accomplishment for a developer. I love how it pretty much looks exactly like PC version and I am very happy to have new achievements
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    This just hypes me even more.
    I did however like the old crafting interface.
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    It was cool in it's own way. But it drove me nuts that it didn't autopause.

    If I needed to craft something or look in the menu for something it was frustrating, especially early in the game because of the risk of being attacked by mobs etc..
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    Ya I play with controller on PC sometimes, and it does take a bit longer to craft with this interface, but ya autopause was a big deal too. I'm a little more worried that in the control menu, I did not see an enemy targeting button option, which is the only viable way to use a yo-yo with a controller. Hopefully that is something that is addressed. Other than that it looks wonderful. Very excited for it to launch, and come to the switch. Cannot wait. Also I hope someday 4k support will come to console, with PS4 pro, and Xbox one with the Scorpio if the one s isn't capable. But ya not a big deal with that one. Can already zoom on console, which was part of that same PC update, so ya. :)
  10. the new menus are going to take a while for me to get used to
  11. DawnOfHumansEnd

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    Too bad xb1 worlds cant be backed up. Updates tend to ruin wirlds, even break them sometimes, and that was only adding items. This is extensive. 3+ years on same pixel project at risk of being lost. I know "the uodate wint affect your data" (has been said while updates erase and dirt fill worlds)
    Last time all the wiring got screwed up.
  12. What? : /
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    I'm not gonna worry til it happens. I'm still playing my world's on PC from 1.2, granted it did not change from a console versions code to 1.3 PC code. They say it will be ok, and I am optimistic. :)
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