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tModLoader [ TT2] Advanced world generation seeds


Ok, so new version, lot of seeds, some features that I let you discover (it includes having multiple NPCs at start when having a combination of special seeds)
Also dirt is now sold by the Dryad in every world for an absolutely-not-expensive price
The new seeds are :
  • Terraria
  • Not the drunks!
  • Painted Terraria
  • Random Terraria
  • For the drunk
  • For the random drunks
  • Painted for the drunks
  • Random drunk
Note that any seed involving both drunk and for the worthy gen may fail to be created (even if it seems rare), you have to restart Terraria in this case

Pigman Δ

Odd, there is no TTPluginsApplicationLog.txt in either Terraria folder (#1 is Documents/My Games/Terraria and #2 is steamapps/common/Terraria)


Great plugin. I was looking everywhere for the ability to combine FTW & DW. Found a way todo it, but could never get large maps to work.

Seems Painted requires Random. Would be great to have the various choices for painted worlds without random block type replacements, just the paint. Would make "painted for the drunks" true to it's name, and replace the original name to "painted for the random drunks."
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