Official 2014 ReLogic Terraria Halloween Contest Entry Thread

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Well, this is a spooky contest entry.

So, i was making a re-creation of this:


in terraria, obviously. (it was difficult, and i feel like this could be remade on a larger scale for more detail but, i didn't want to make something 9001X9001 blocks)

Here it is, made with gameiki, but... something.... strange happened when i came back after a while...

this is impossible to re-create with current terraria lighting, so... its pretty freaky.
when i came back and saw this i felt almost how i did when i first saw that bonnie face in the backstage, dam bonnie u scary.

"I'm watching you..."


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Here's mine

Platform: PC
Team: None but me
Inspiration: The Terraria Hallowen Logo
Tools: None but Terraria itself, crafted all those pumpkins by myself

The Pumpcrim Mini Biome/ The Pumpcrim Park
Note: Images are arranged right to left








Whole Map


Just finished this yesterday night, due to some trees not growing
So here it is, my entry, no chance of winning, but I would love to submit my work
(Is there too many images?)
Platform: PC
Team: Me
Tools: Terraria, TEdit (for the mountain its built on)
Inspiration: Based on Elsa's castle from Frozen, but with some stuff added so it wasn't as empty. Meant to look like its being corrupted - not really Halloweeny, but still spooky (sort of)

The whole castle (screenshots not put together very well)

Different parts of the castle



Not expecting to win, but worth entering anyway :joy:
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This here is a boss arena, Halloween themed, showing the three common bosses (Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, and the Eater of Worlds. This arena is efficient in fighting bosses like the Destroyer. Also if you noticed, the background is themed as a haunted house.
Platform: PC
Tools: None
This is just a small entry I made, an altar in the middle of nowhere. It's not much but hey, at least I tried.
it was made on PC.
Team effort by Comrade Creeper and me.


I'd like to enter the contest with Aurora's server spawn. It was a team effort, but the other teammates either have already joined with their own builds, or i haven't heard from them yet (some of these builders are likemike, yyyo and queen umbra). If they want to enter with this build, i'll just edit the post.
Since the builders of the server have access to it, minor changes have been made (that i dont aprove, but wth who cares).
Good Luck, everyone.

(sorry about my bad editing skills)
Thanks to TurtleYo for the picture.
ps: please click the image for larger.
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Hello fellow terrarians, this is my contest entry.

Tools used: Gamiki mod (Used for inventory editing & taking screenshots without the Character being visible.)
Inspiration: The living wood tree.
Platform/Console: The build was made on the PC version of terraria.
Who made it: I built this by myself.
Story Behind the build: In a land once flowing with riches and natural beauty a tree began to rise. As it finally reached its full growth years later, a coven of dark cultists took over the tree. To a mere mortal the cultists are not visible until it is too late. For the tree however, it was too late, there cultists trapped the tree in they're black magic, which in turn, blighted the tree forever. Since the day the tree was blighted the powers of the ritual flows out from the roots, poisoning the land around it and blighting the world further........

SIDE NOTE: The collaged image isn't perfectly on center for anyone wondering.
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This is my Halloween entry. I wanted to make a movie but I had technical problems. Now I just built something.
Platform: Pc


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My entry consists of a haunted mansion with a few skeletons in the closet... one being a literal skeleton in the closet and the other being the pit of doom that many adventurers have fallen pray to: falling through the dark and gloom, stared at by eerie eyes of passers by that serve the force, corrupt and evil that creates the purple mist. Once at the bottom, their fate is sealed, as is their soul, to be eaten by the corruptions pets: the Eaters of Souls. (Created on PC.)
Haunted terraria P1.png
Haunted Terraria P2.png
Haunted Terraria P3.png
This is my entry for the competition! It took me about 10 hours in-game and in TEdit to make. I used TEdit for some of the bigger stuff but lots of the finer details were done in-game.

Platform: PC
Concept/Inspiration: I love forests, and I love creepy things, so I figured that a creepy forest would make for a pretty good Halloween entry.

The Forest had always been a strange place. The colossal trees that grew, coupled with the bizarre species of blue mushroom found there, made The Forest an eternally dark place. All manner of strange creatures such as will-o-wisps took refuge within the sheltered confines of The Forest, knowing they were safe from harm as hardly anyone ever ventured within. Those that dared to enter were destined never to return. However, every year, around the time when the leaves turn beautiful shades of gold, crimson, bronze - a change occurs within The Forest. The shrine nestled deep within begins to react, and on Halloween night, the Pumpkin Lord bursts forth, sending the denizens of The Forest into a panic. Using its vines as powerful arms and its fiery breath, it razes a portion of The Forest... only to disappear almost as soon as it arrived.

First screenshot: The right entrance of The Forest.

Second screenshot: The middle of The Forest and the Pumpkin Lord.

Third screenshot: The left entrance of The Forest.

Credits go to... well, me, since I'm the only one who worked on this.
I'm impressed with all those amazing submissions. Must have been those spare time that is being well spent.
Here's mine, being resource efficient and simple.

Theme: Raided Village
Inspiration: Tales of Phantasia

A one yet peaceful village raided by the Rusted Steel legion depicts the atmosphere of death which haunts those who pass by from the restless souls until they are given a proper burial or justice.

You just need to feel the essence of horror from the chills that embraces your skin.



It was too late for him.

Barn turned into a small outpost by the Rusted Steel legion.

The tower that separates the corruption
Hello everyone, but first, hope you had a good day :happy:, ho and sorry if I make some spelling errors.
Here is my entry:
Platform : PC, without mods of course, or this is not fun anymore, I will always prefer to use 50 Pumpkins Moon Medaillon and built ugly things during lot of hours than just give to myself some blocks or let a software copy/paste a picture in game :dryadgrin:.
Inspiration : Actually I don't think I was inspired by something except Eater of Worlds haha and just some random spooky things I guess.
Here's the screenshot, I have decided to change my old house in game to something more adequate for Haloween
I know the flying skeleton is not very well aligned, I wanted to make it like he was taking a portion of the roof but...Yeah, I'm not THAT good haha.
Edit : Added screenshots, one in three parts, too large ;(.
top .jpg
Ho and it's supposed to be similar to the Eater of Worlds, with ribs, spine etc and decapited by 'something' unknow, hard to see with my poor building skills haha.
So...I think that's it, maybe just the map ?
(140H in 2 weeks, approximately 300H this month, maybe? I regret nothing :sigh:)
PS: I'm not familiar with forums, sorry if the post is not well made :confused:.
Edit 2 : Thanks to those who liked, very nice and amiable of you :dryadwink:.
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My Entry is a Pumpking from the Pumpkin Moon Event built out of (not harvested) Pumpkins.
Inspiration: Pumpking
Concept: I needed a Pumpkin Farm
I built it all myself on singleplayer, platform is PC
No inventory editors, mods or hacks were used.
It all took about 3-4 hours to build.
Screenshots: 3:rd one is seen from the map.
Terraria-Bild 2.PNG
Terraria-Bild 1.PNG
Terraria-Bild 3.PNG
Cerberus Prime
Concept: A cross between Skeletron Prime and Cerberus, or a mechanical Cerberus
Inspiration: Skeletron Prime and Cerberus

Team: Me, me, and me!
Version: Terraria PC Vanilla
Here he is, in all his glory!
In World:
Terraria Halloween Contest 2014 Entry.jpg
Terraria Halloween Contest 2014 Entry (Map).jpg
I know it's horrible and it won't place, but I wanted to enter anyway! ;)
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