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A Big Stick
A Big Stick is a rather small mod which includes guns that can fire sticks, which ignore invincibility frames.

- 10 different kinds of Stickguns, which can fire sticks quickly but with not much damage.
- 10 different kinds of Stickrifles, which can fire sticks slowly but with a lot of damage.
- 12 different kinds of Sticks, some of which inflict debuffs upon impact.
- 1 boss (ooh, how mysterious).
- A very large stick.

You can find more detailed information (including recipes) on GitHub.

A Big Stick is available on the Mod Browser. However, you may also download it manually from GitHub.
- Atenfyr: Programming, Idea, Mechanics
- Geocide: Sprites

If you'd like, you can also join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/mDdKJRZ
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