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A few journey mode ideas and tweaking


I have a few ideas for Journey mode:

You know how the beastiary exists right? My idea is to make it so that if you have killed a certain enemy more than 50x (100 for event enemies, 20 for mini bosses, and 10 for bosses; you may tweak these values to how you like it to be), you will be able to spawn that entity by clicking on them in the beastiary, or right-click dragging from the icon to control it's spawn locations.

Another idea is "ignored by enemies"(should be separate to God mode for enemy testing) setting where if you turn it on, enemies will behave like when you have high stealth but the difference is that they won't attack you no matter what you do to them.

My last idea is a "for the worthy" switch in the difficulty settings menu, where if you turn it on, enemies will get their for the worthy buffs.
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