PC A Fluffier Terraria

A Fluffier Terraria is a texture pack that aims to modify all of the town NPCs in Terraria to be more like their zoologist friend.
(Plus some other changes to items to make them match the NPCs)

---All NPC changes---
Guide - Golden Retriever [Done]
Merchant - Ferret [Done]
Nurse - Bunny/Rabbit [Done]
Demolitionist - Mole [Done]
Dye Trader - Tiger [Done]
Zoologist - Permanently foxy, changes to human during blood/full moons [Done]
Golfer - Eagle [Done]
Dryad - Doe [Done]
Tavernkeep - Pig [Done]
Arms Dealer - Gray wolf [Done]
Stylist - Mouse [Done]
Painter - Chameleon [Done]
Angler - Shark [Done]
Goblin Tinkerer - Kobold
Witch Docter - No change
Clothier - TBD
Mechanic - Orange Tabby [Done]
Party Girl - Pony [WIP]
Wizard - Goat [Done]
Tax Collecter - Raccoon OR Duck
Truffle - No change
Pirate - Parrot [Done]
Steampunker - Sheep
Cyborg - Protogen [!Buggy!]
Santa Claus - Polarbear
Traveling Merchant - Dragon
Old Man - Same as Clothier
Skeleton Merchant - No change

(Note, for the Tax collector, I haven't yet decided on either choice, and for the Clothier and the Ninja inside of King Slime, I haven't picked an animal yet)

---Various Changes---
Guide Voodoo Doll - Same as Guide [Done]
Clothier Voodoo Doll - Same as Clothier
Ninja inside of King Slime - TBD
NPCs that appear inside of paintings - Same as their animal counterparts

AnglerView attachment 277284
Arms DealerView attachment 277286
DryadView attachment 277285
(Note, I can't change his eye-light or antenna-light so the sprite might look a little weird)
View attachment 277287
Included in the file is a text document with all of the changes and my progress with finishing them.
If you notice any problems with the sprites, or want to suggest any animals for the NPCs, feel free to let me know.

Edit: Updated the list with the ones that are done and changed Tavernkeep from boar to pig

v.74 - Added the Painter and the Wizard, and started on the Party Girl
v.70 - Added the Tavernkeep and Stylist

nice awesome!!
I'm trying to play with just the Protogen but He's not appearing in game... :(
Is there something wrong?
I'll put this here which I put together to use only this Protogen:


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