Switch A Guide for defeating Wall Of Flesh (Master Mode tips)


Easy way!! Wall of flesh on master mode is different from normal. As in expert he will start regrowing the hungries once overtime.

as normal build a long bridge way to walk on to avoid lava conflict.

Buffs: Thorns potion, regeneration potions and defensive potions work well. Always at least 30 hp potions incase.

armor: Use meteorite armor so you can shred him down with the space gun and stay far away.

avoid dark lance using because once wof reaches low hp he will become faster and staying away from him is key.

for magic users equip tons of mana potions and the demon sycthe is useful because it will not only hit the hungries but attack the wof himself even behind the hungries.

for minion users hornet staff is nice and try to put campfires along the bridge to help with hp regeneration.
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