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A new feature that would improve the game for some players

As someone who plays on a macbook air I have found some issues in the game that I think should be adressed a in a theoretical 1.4.2 bug fix update. This is mainly 2 features. 1 A change to the resolution and zoom feature and 2, a performance mode.

Firstly the change to resolution. Currently if playing on a standard 1080p screen you can change the resolution however you want up to 1080 x 1920 screen. Unfortunatley if you're not on a screen with a pixel ratio of 16:9 the resolution don't work properly. My laptop has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (16:10) so the only resolution that works for me is 1440 x 900. if I change my resolution it means my laptop cursor moves at a different speed to my terraria cursor and I cant touch the bottom right of my screen. even If I sacrifice touching the bottom right of my screen for the extra zoom I cant change it back because when I turn my resolution down to 800 x 600 (to go back up to 1440 x 900) my cursor gets stuck in a weird postion and I physically cant move my cursor far enough right to hit t he resolution button again. This leads to a whole lot of hassel to get my. resolution back to normal but to get the point, I think there should be more resolution presets with the option of picking your desired ratio.

My second problem is me having a complete inability to use certain weapons without going into single digit fps. these weapons include the rainbow rod and lunar flare. They create a lot of particles making these weapons unusable for my or anyone else in the world. I also cant have full armour sets that give a shadow/pulsing affect without my game lagging a lot. things like rain and the unicorn sprint mount at full speed all make my fps drop to a point of to an extent unplayability. Performance mode could disable/reduce certain particles affects and idle animations (Eg: skeltron primes eyes moving around ect.) as well as adding a performance lighting style.

Tell me what you think of the ideas

Infected Animal

Official Terrarian
For the ratio one I think it should open up a menu with all the available choices since having to click it over and over again to get to the desired one can get quite annoying, can't really help on the second one tho, seems you have something really weak in terms of gaming to be having that problem
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