A Quick Guide to "War Banners".

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A Quick Guide to "War Banners" - Terraria version
If you're the type of Player like myself, that enjoys using "Enemy Banners" as a regular part of your gameplay, there's some obvious suggestions I'd love to throw out there to you. Assuming that we all run into similar problems, when it comes to "domesticating" chokepoints in-game, I believe I've discovered some rather simple solutions for a likely common issue of actually using Enemy Banners effectively [when you need 'em the most]!

I'm sure I don't need to state the obvious, just how useful it is that Enemy Banners can now be placed on Platforms; without incident. It's a change that us Banner users have pretty much wanted since 1.3.5; it only made sense.

Now that it's a reality, it's important still, to always develop features forward, seeing as how the traditional use of Banners likely wouldn't change much, and why would it?! The obvious improvements are there, undeniable, and 'game changing' right out-the-box, but there's always more to discover! I'm sure this isn't anything new, but I figured I'd share this simple idea, simply because I haven't seen it used anywhere else just yet, at least from the many places I've checked [to see if such a guide was even worth making].

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The concept is pretty simple and 'organic', I pretty much just started applying it as I had an "ah ha" moment! 💡

While being swarmed by tough enemies [i.e. Giant Tortoise, Derplings], at the typical 'choke point' we all run into, it dawned on me that building a traditional "War Banner" wasn't going to be a realistic solution in getting the area 'under control'. Then of course, it occurred to me that placing Enemy Banners on Platforms is a thing now, and then of course, Trees allow the Player to place Platforms midair, no hassle; I'm sure the rest needs no explanation. It's quick, it's easy, it's low commitment, resource-light and effective.

That's it... that's the Post! 😏🤷‍♂️
Banners on platforms has been around quite a while, but only on those platforms you hammered into their "lower" position.
Lately I've been trying to go into posts and discussions online, assuming some things don't need to be said but... someone's always proving me wrong, no mater where I go, heh. 😏 🤷‍♂️

Anyhow, there's a very clear and distinct difference between what we've had previously, and what currently exists now. It's such a massive, meaningful and game-changing difference that I'm surprised an argument of "we've always kinda had that" would come up, because I'd argue that we absolutely didn't. ☝️🧐

Furthermore, if you are to include the context of this post, which is "utility" and "convenience", with a sprinkle of "Metagaming" (if you'd go so far); which would be in the realm of strategy, "we've always kinda had that" makes even less sense here. 🤔

Again, I figured most of this stuff would be obvious, but if somehow it's not, I have no plans on defending this guide... if it's not useful to you (speaking in general), or by any means "game-changing", then please, continue doing things the way you've always been doing them. However, I do think it's important to state that a good number of Terrarians don't even incorporate Enemy Banners into their gameplay, let alone "War Banners", so I'd be hard-pressed to believe that's the case.
Sorry. Didn't mean to hit a nerve.
I've made it a habit to be very intentional about what I say, discuss or post (almost anywhere).

That's one of the reasons I try to provide visuals, to include much detail, but with few words as possible. The fact that there was still a misunderstanding, is indeed irritating, but I always assume a few stances when such a things occurs.
  1. The person is likely informed, unless they show me otherwise (i.e. incorrect information, bad takes).
  2. The person is bringing up discourse or discussion in "good faith", unless again, they show me otherwise.
With that said, I assure that it was nothing personal, I was making the attempt to be "even more clear" than I felt I already was initially, which was again, pretty irritating. No harm, no foul. ☝️🧐
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