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Discussion in 'Items' started by FalconFury, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. FalconFury

    FalconFury Terrarian

    If this topic is already made, please delete this topic.

    Now then, moving on. I have a question... How do you guys like a Slimgun in-game to make your enemies move slowly, or trap them in a slim bubble for 10 seconds so they wouldn't move. Would you guys like that? I think it would be an awesome idea because the Gel is considered to be an ammo. You can use it on your enemies, but you cannot use it during a fight with the bosses. You can't freeze them nor you can slow them down because nothing could affect them.

    Eh? do you think the Slimgun should be used in game?

    - Descriptions

    It has a blue bottle at the back of the gun.

    It has 3 red rings around the bottle

    The gun is grayish

    - The gun looks kinda like a Nerf gun and it is rapid-fire.
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  2. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    I think the slimagun should stay as it is now
  3. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    I think enemies should blow up if you slime them and set them on fire
  4. FalconFury

    FalconFury Terrarian

    I guess flames would work. They should have a bottle where you can throw flames at the enemy and cause them to burn, plus set the ground on fire for 10 seconds except burning the land, wood, and trees and if it does, there will be a problem by outing a fire.
  5. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    It's called a Molotov Cocktail, and it doesn't destroy the environment for a reason.
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  6. Lt. Chapwisely

    Lt. Chapwisely The Destroyer

    I think the main point here is that he may not know that the slime gun already exists in Terraria as a drop from the king slime.
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  7. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    A Slimgun? Does it shoot Slim Jims?
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  8. Uzume Tennouboshi

    Uzume Tennouboshi Terrarian

    Sorry bud, but it's already in game.
  9. Lt. Chapwisely

    Lt. Chapwisely The Destroyer

    Sorry bud, beat you to it.
  10. Uzume Tennouboshi

    Uzume Tennouboshi Terrarian

    But I have a picture, and wiki link ;)

    bud :p
  11. FalconFury

    FalconFury Terrarian

    Oh well... I guess this topic is closed! my ideas always fails. :(
  12. stormconure

    stormconure Spazmatism

    Yes, but that slime gun is completely pointless (other than the fact that its so awesome looking). Maybe he should suggest that it gains an actual effect?
  13. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Thread locked at TC's request.
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