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Story A terrarian and some twins

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Skeletron Prime
this is a wip story. there will be chapters, epilogue and prologue

:islime: :islime:
One day, Zach was awoken by a loud scream. It didn’t come from his town, but came from his boss arena. He put some armour on and grabbed out his Flying dragon, and headed to his arena. There he saw a pair of twins in a not-so-good shape. “I’m guessing the scream was from them and they got attacked” he thought. “I’ll take them to the nurse”.
After a good twenty minutes or so, they came out with just a few bruises. “Do you know these people Zach?”asked Lisa, his nurse. “No I just found them on my arena” he replied. “That’s odd, nobody goes up there”. That’s when the twins realised who was in front of them.

chapter 1
“Why are we here? When did we get here? And you. Why are you here?” The girl pointed at Zach. “First of all, who are you?” Zach asked the twins. “Don’t you remember us? Those spears kinda hurt you know” The boy said.
“Ive never met you guys before, so just tell me your names” Zach asked. “Can we go outside for that?” Asked the boy. “Sure”
They went outside and the twins told him. “Well I’m Spazmatism and that’s Retinazer” the girl pointed to boy “but you can call us Ashley and Henry.”.
Zach was confused “But you don’t look like two giant robotic eyeballs trying to murder me”. “That’s what we are trying to figure out too. We think that the wizard is behind this.” Henry replied with. “Well let’s go ask the wizard then”

chapter 2
After travelling to the tower, Henry exclaimed “wooaaaah! That tower is crazy tall!”
“Do we need to climb it or do you have a teleporter in there?” Asked Ashley.
“Luckily I do have a teleporter in there, or else it would be harder to get up during a solar eclipse” answered Zach “speaking about solar Eclipses, they‘ve been happening more recently”
the trio entered and turned on the teleporter.
Zach noticed it was empty at first, but when he turned around he saw Elric, his wizard
“Welcome back Zach. Who are these you have brought here?”
“This is Ashley and Henry. They used to be the twins, and they thought you did this to them.” There was a short silence. “Why do they think I did this?” Elric was obviously confused. “And what do you mean "used to be the twins"? Did something happen?” Henry was the one to interrupt to explain. “So, basically we used to be the twins. You know? The giant floating-eyeballs?” Silence for a while. “We randomly turned into humans, for some reason. Zach found us and now we’re here” Even more silence. “I’ve never dealt with things like this.” Elric muttered, just loud enough to hear. “Go east to U'wa in the jungle, he may know what to do, but you must go through the Hallow.” When Zach blinked, Elric seemed to dematerialise. “Well, I guess we gotta go to the jungle.”

chapter 3

the first thing that happened was Ashley getting attacked by sand. It continued to get worse.
cliffhanger again! Sorry for the long wait, but thanks for being patient!
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Skeletron Prime
this thread was dead for a while, but i finally finished chapter 2 and started chapter 3! Sorry for the wait, though!
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