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Grounded Aura

I've been wanting to fill in large areas with blocks like dirt, stone, mud, etc. but even after I increase my block placement speed to the max (Building Potion, Hand Of Creation, and Ambrosia), the placing of blocks can't keep up with my movement speed. Moving slower would remedy this issue, but that just makes things take even longer than it already does with having to go back to fill in the skipped blocks.

The most ideal way in my opinion to address this would be to add an item that works similarly to The Grand Design but for blocks and would choose blocks like the Rubblemaker. Do note that this would only place blocks, and not swap or break blocks. It would allow players to place long lines of blocks with ease. However, this might be too over powered for anytime before Moon Lord or would be better for Terraria 2 (it might be too powerful for Terraria in general, I don't know). It might also make the idea of Platform Heels to place lines of platforms obsolete.

The only other way I see to make this work would be to increase the bonus to block placement speed with the Building Potion or the Hand Of Creation or both. A new piece of furniture could be added that works like the various "permanent" buffing furniture like the Ammo Bock or Sharpening Station but to increase block placement range and placement speed (or just block placement speed).

This is a niche issue but it would be a great addition for all the builders out there. It would make filling in large areas of blocks much easier and not need the use of something like TEdit to do so in a decent amount of time. Placing a block per frame would be fantastic.
Both of these ideas should be added. I also think the base place speed could use a buff as well, building arenas with only a builder potion is still too slow
Yeah, I think the ideal would be a construction item, likely complicated to get, that allows your block placement speed to be equal to your running speed with Terraspark Boots, so that you can place blocks in front of you as you run and not fall. That would be fast enough for me.
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