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MonsterMon - Hybrid/Coder/Spriter of the Mod
- After the next major update of the mod, the next update will be focused more on leveling items or starter path of the mod. Though you must wait for a while, our developers and teamates are doing it as fast as we can, to not make you wait so long for the next update. :)
MonsterMon - Hybrid/Coder/Spriter of the Mod
- After the next major update of the mod, the next update will be focused more on leveling items or starter path of the mod. Though you must wait for a while, our developers and teamates are doing it as fast as we can, to not make you wait so long for the next update. :)
Actually its either that or the boss update I don't know which will actually be the sooner major update[depending on multiple things].

Though only thing I can really do at the moment is manage cause of being pretty busy and other things. But at least plenty of things are still getting done now. And I may try to have the next lead spriter contest a couple weeks after I take the GED if enough are active[3 or more](though I'm unsure how long is will be till I take it be I'm at my last and worst subject in studying)
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Here is a spoiler on a future npc
The Librarian/Storyteller npc(unsure which it will be) but its a planned future npc but only 7 stories are ready. Though before you read keep in mind this is by no means canon terraria lore. This is only canon to the Absalon Mod lore AND may even change in the future. Also I'm willing to check out suggestions and rewrites you may have and even want to see your own takes.(which I plan on having a story for every boss in the mod and vanilla)
Here lies the story of a blue slime who lived his childhood normally. One difference though is he grew at a rate and size that normally happens with royal blood or as a rarity. With his size he decided to be a warrior and fought many battles. Though after an event he basically went missing for a while and came back attacking his very kingdom. What cause this you may ask? Well one time he fought an exiled ninja and ate him but the weird thing is instead of digesting his mind fused with the ninja’s mind. This in turn caused him to think he was exiled and the slime wanted revenge and trained often. Which he came back defeating any warrior who got in his way causing havoc. That is when the princess showed up and defeated him in a long fight. The princess did not imprison nor kill him though in fact she asked a lot of questions. The slime figured out that he was not actually exiled and it was a side effect of mind fusion. They continued to chat every day since the princess wanted to know more on the matter. Soon they ended up falling in love with each other and then the dating started. Eventually he ended up proposing and to his joy she said yes. Many years in the future the queen and king got killed which he learned of this from his wife. And he comforted his wife with her grief. Soon after they took the title of king and queen. Which this slime is the being you now know as the King Slime.
Here lies the story of a pink slime. Though unlike the Pinky’s you encounter this slime was born into royalty. She is an only child of the king and queen which they failed to have a male heir like they wanted. Unlike most royalty she valued her strength in battle and trained often. Which worried her parents and they tried to stop her but that just made her rush into battle earlier. She did not lose her life though unlike what her parents thought would happen and when she came back home she ended up in a lot of trouble. Though soon enough they became unable to prevent her from fighting since she became unrivaled in power. Not even their best fighters could keep her from the battlefield and eventually her parents embraced the strength she had. There was one problem though, the fact she wanted a groom who was strong, but she did not like any of the people worthy enough to marry her. Though one day a strong rebel attacked the kingdom in anger and she came out to fight him. Unlike anyone in the kingdom he actually proved challenging to her but she was the stronger fighter out of the two and won. Instead of imprisonment or killing she spared him and figured out the reason he rebelled. Apparently he thought he was exiled and wanted revenge but according to her research he was not. She also figured out his mind was fused with a human’s and was interested in talking to him often to learn more about this fused mind. So they ended up having many conversations and she ended up loving this mystery warrior. Which she figured out he loved her too so they started dating. Eventually the warrior proposed to the princess which she gleefully said yes. Many years in the future the current king and queen died to a soldier everyone trusted betraying them who went by the name Etor. He was also the strongest in the kingdom before the princess came to power which being surpassed by a princess secretly angered him. Unfortunately for Etor though the princess came inside the room during that and ended up killing him in a rage. Word spread about the king and queen’s death which the princess and the warrior became king and queen in their place. And this pink slime is the being you know of as the Queen Slime.
Years ago the beings Cthulhu and Absalon fought. Though Absalon was just toying with Cthulhu in the battle. He even made Cthulhu lose an eye to give him something to remember this by to show just how insignificant he is. That eye became a being with its own will. Though that is not the eye you likely know of. Since the Master Cultist was trying to make a fake Cthulhu but he failed again and again with making the fake. Which there holds multiple remnants of the experiments. He even used the original Eye of Cthulhu as a reference. Though when the world is at its highest point of chaos you may find yourself face to face with the real one. But only time will tell.
Once there was a man who did experiments trying to create another Cthulhu. In those experiments the only reference he had was a single eye and the legends. He tried again and again and the Brain of Cthulhu was one of his creations when attempting that. After all brain don not have a heart with an eye but the Master Cultist still tried again and again. Which at least he managed to make a brain that could fight with this experiment.
The being called the Eater of Worlds name says one thing about it. It loves to eat well a lot. Though I should mention that it is practically mindless and all it really does is eat even. Sorry but that is all I really have on this thing other then it ate one of my socks once. The past is the past though so what am I to do about it.
Here is the story of the son of the mighty Duke Fishron. He was born cute to humans compared to others of his race which stuck with him. This child was even a pretty curious fellow trying to learn about so much stories the sea had in store for him. What saddened him though is he could not really figure out the stories of the surface. Since he did not understand surface dwellers and vice versa. Though one thing he always wanted to taste was the truffle worm which is a legendary delicacy to his kind. Only thing he knew about it was its look though which his goal became eating one in his lifetime. He happens to normally be non aggressive but he is willing to defend himself if he thinks he is in danger. This child goes by the name Kawa Fishron.
There is not much that can be told about the Wall of Flesh. Other than it pops in and out of existence with its sacrifices, but one fact is the sacrifice is always of someone exactly like the other. I do know someone who truly knows the secret. In fact this person never dies for good! Though I doubt he will tell you when he does not even tell his grandpa about it. The one being at least kept certain dangers away until a hero was ready. In fact it may have been the true reason for the wall.
Sets: (0%,5%,10%,25%,40%,50%)
Deadfesh Sword 0%.png
Deadfesh Sword 5%.png
New Piskel (3).png

Bow (1).png
Bow (2).png
Bow 25 (1).png
Bow 40 (1).png
Bow 40.png

Mage coming Soon
2 planned starter paths: Grimoire[Will fire out magical attacks that hopefully look interesting(might have mode changes)] and Avalanche[Ice/Snow focused path that slows down mobs]
While there are 2 paths already in progress spritewise that represent 2 spriters @Trololololol and @Deadfish388
also I will put out the starter update when there is atleast 5 starter sets are sprited and coded.

Also I will be working actively with mod work again now(but progress may halt for around a month whenever I end up going to another state for something)[was originally planning to become active after leaving and returning but I don't know when I will end up leaving for that]
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