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Add back console exclusives


The console exclusive stuff was cool and I think that removing multiple armor sets, bosses, weapons, and pets was a bad move. If you wanted to make the platforms fair that would also make no sense because PC always gets mods and the updates first while console and mobile have to wait 3 years for an update smaller then 1.2, and don't even talk about people having to buy a new console to get the console or mobile stuff because old gen players have to do the exact same thing to get tons of content, and mobile and console might have to move to if you don't add mods and texture packs to the other consoles. Like just make a add-on in the store for the console or mobile device that has a certain selection of mods like calamity, thorium etc. because that's gonna be the future of Terraria. Imagine buying a game but having the new content blocked from you unless you buy a whole different device and game.


The Destroyer
They dont own the code to those mods. Plus, they don't have to buy the console, that is their choice. Plus plus, porting Tmodloader to console is probably not as easy as it might seem as the program changes the code itself. Plus plus plus, Tmodloader is a steam DLC.

Pigman Δ

Exclusive stuff = bad quality content bloat.
For example.
The arch enemies were boring, blatant, resprited copies of the originals.
The bosses...
Well, Lepus had literal SLIME AI! He was really boring to fight.
Turkor had NO AI and his heads had HARPY AI.
Ocram was the least lazy of the bunch, but he had modified EoC AI (right down to the form change) and attacks ripped straight from other enemies.
Servants = EoC.
Scythes = Demons.
Stupid cheap laser spam = Retinazer.
None of the bosses were fun.
The weapons....
Tizona, no projectile, simply a trash sword that inflicted bleeding.
Vulcan Repeater, a reskin of the Hallowed Repeater. Vulcan Bolts were simply a changed Hellfire Arrow.
Tonbogiri, a trash spear with an equally bad sprite.
Sharanga, a broken weapon that fired slightly modified Cursed Arrows. Had a boring recipe: 2 Hellfire Bows.
The armours had boring stats (no set bonus to make them interesting) but some people liked the look so RL added them as TM vanity
The pets were the only good things, and I also think it would be better if they were given to every version.
Mods are NOT excluded from Mobile and Console because the devs wish them to be. The fact is that modifying game clients on those devices is illegal.
"Imagine buying a game and having the latest content blocked unless you buy a whole new device and game"
This is the case for EVERY game. If you do not have a good enough device then of course the game won't work.
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