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HD Afram - A Terraria Texture Pack

How are my sprites?

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Skeletron Prime
This is coming back. The new update is going to help quite a bit.
Thank goodness! The new update will certainly help, it will hopefully bring the community back to life, and hopefully introduce more people to texture packs! I know I'm returning as well, this may be the 'renaissance' of texture packs!


The newest version is officially complete and now in testing phase! It should hopefully be out later today depending on the activity of my beta testers. While I'm on the subject, I need more beta testers! Applying is easy! Join the Discord Server https://discord.gg/CZWSsdu , ping me in the general application channel followed with "beta" or "beta tester".


This is actually really, really good. I tried making a texture pack a while ago, but I didn't have the talent nor patience. I know it's a lot of work, but keep it up. Cause this is very good.


There will be a special update after 0.0.8. It will have a few quality of life changes, fixing up some of the older lackluster textures, and also giving blocks such as grass more variety. Below you can see what grass will look like (in the forest biome), and what grass currently looks like. The grass used currently will remain in the jungle biome, and the rest of the grasses will have their own unique spin. If you want to suggest a change that you feel would make the pack better, feel free to suggest it. This spoiler contains all the current textures.
Tile Showcase.png

Including the in-progress 0.0.6, there are only three updates until all the ground blocks are complete. I imagine that I will have it done in a month to a month and a half. I hope to get the 0.2 updates rolling by December. Thanks for the support! Please share this pack with everyone you know!


Support banner?
By all means, spread the word friend!

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