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Other Art agent's Avatars

Discussion in 'Non-Terraria Creations, Art, & Literature' started by agent_alx, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. agent_alx

    agent_alx Golem

    Sorry, I didn't save what I was working on :L
    And I knew you'd make a joke about that last sentence c:
  2. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    Are you still doing these? Can I have Rock Lizard?
  3. agent_alx

    agent_alx Golem

    Yeah, but I'm procrastinating sooo much. You'll get the avatar. Probably in a year.
  4. The True Hero

    The True Hero Steampunker

    [​IMG]pls make this
  5. agent_alx

    agent_alx Golem

    You'll get it when Hl3 comes out
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  6. The True Hero

    The True Hero Steampunker

    :red: you
    i cri evrytim
    pls pls pls
    no nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    why cruel world whyyyyyyyy
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  7. Meowelody

    Meowelody Plantera

    please can I have a Azazel from the Binding of Isaac: Reborn?
    He'll be sitting down on the floor of The Depths, looking down. Make him as cute as possible please - also, if you can, can you make Azazel hold a piece of paper?
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  8. agent_alx

    agent_alx Golem

    You'll get it- sometime.
  9. Meowelody

    Meowelody Plantera

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  10. SolaR

    SolaR Golem

    Can you make me an avatar of a player character with an Ancient Cultist mask and a solar cultist robe both dyed with Solar Dye in a UFO mount dyed with Solar dye fighting the Moon Lord in first form with the Star Wrath? If you don't want to do that than just a player character with the Ancient Cultist mask and solar cultist robe both dyed with solar on a UFO mount dyed solar swinging the Star Wrath, not fighting ML?
  11. XenoCat

    XenoCat Steampunker

    Nice thread
    Good arts
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  12. SlinkyCoil

    SlinkyCoil Skeletron Prime

    Could you do her just without the text, also make her pose like a cute woman

  13. ThunderBear06

    ThunderBear06 Skeletron

    Hey can you make a giant sitting on a mountain wearing Pitch Black boots midnight blue jeans and with a red very red sweater no hoodie with a purple mow hawk and blue head phones. Oh and he's got a pouch with bombs in it