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Aiflynns Hallow Plus


Duke Fishron


One day I was making a vanity set and was trying to make a hallow based character. Soon enough, I realized the the hallow had no bosses! I was quite shocked that I had not seen that before and I resolved to make a suggestion to change that. So here it is. Welcome to Aiflynn's Hallow Plus!

3 New Bosses!
The three bosses I have thought of are a Wyvern boss, a Unicorn Boss, and a Chaos themed boss.

The Watcher
The watcher does 20 contact damage. It has 3 attacks. Its first attack is called Tentacles, where it shoots out fast moving spiked tentacles to do 30 damage. They have a range of 22 blocks. Its second attack is to shoot a beam of light out of its eye, which does 20 damage and moves rather slowly. It gives a speed debuff while you are in the beam. Its last attack is called Seekers, where it shoots out fast homing projectiles that have a 15% chance to give the confused debuff. However, the watcher does not move while it is doing this.
The Watcher has 38000 health and 30 defense. It moves slowly, and can teleport.
Essence of Chaos 20-40
Greater Healing Potion 5-15

Skylord's head does 160 contact damage, and the rest of his body does 80. He has 3 attacks. His first attack is to try to ram you with his head. His second attack is to shoot sharp wyvern scales at you that do 40 damage and inflict the bleeding debuff. He takes time between this attack, and his defence is lowered by 20 after he does this attack. His third attack is to summon baby wyverns to attack and annoy you. Their heads do 20 damage and their body's do 15. They have 2,000 health.
Skylord has 40000 health and 35 defense. It uses the bird AI, and moves fast. It is very long.
Essence of Supremacy 20-40
Greater Healing Potion 5-15



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