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All Boss: The Comic


Looking back at this, I just realized that there are those Mario Kart question blocks in issue #1, when Snickerbobble was driving in that car thing. Lulz.

Also I want to see moar Spookerbobble plz, I like having seizures pl0xz <3


Welcome to ALL BOSS! This is a doodle comic about me and some others exploring the world of TCF! Hope you like it!


Captchas really should be easier to read..

Bots never made any sense to me.
Bread is bad..

Welcoming someone who joined before you is a little weird!

About requests for cameos: I will only put you in at times that make sense, and if you are a well-known member with a recognizable character. Please do not request.. it kind of makes me feel bad if you are only reading just to see if you appear!

Will be updating main posts with each issue, though there are small mini comics throughout the thread if you feel like reading!

Thanks! This may be one of the best Terraria comics I have read! It's hilarious, people are able to relate to the characters easily, you do a good job with exaggerating ordinary phenomena to comedic effect and the name itself evokes scant terror and whimsy. Once again, excellent job!

Changing Flask

I would propose issue 5, I meant... Rarely-made good suggestions, what sometimes have less supports than commonly-made not good suggestions, or being unpractical.


Official Terrarian
uwu ded thread better necro xD

Please add at LEAST a kirby reference, a kirby in the background, a waddle dee, a bandana dee, cause that would be cool!

And kirby fans would be happy

But you dont have to, its your choice.
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