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  1. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Ancients Awakened
    The Ancients have Awakened. Chaos reigns, storms ravage, and reality tears at the seams!​
    This is a Terraria content mod which adds:
    - 800+ Items, including EX items; powerful upgrades to previous weapons with a new twist to them!
    - 100+ NPCs
    - 16 Bosses (7 Pre-Hardmode, 3 Hardmode, and 6 Post-Moon Lord)
    - 4 New Biomes.
    - The World Chaoses: Alternatives to the World Evils.
    - The Inferno, a volcanic biome ravaged by dragons, with gear mainly focusing on raw defense.
    - The Mire, a swampy biome infested by slithering creatures of the dark, with gear mainly focusing on sheer speed.
    -The Void: Floating Islands at the top right of the world. Nothing is there, there is no reason to go there (Or is there?)
    -The Terrarium: A crystal biosphere safe from the ever-corrupting world around you.
    (Currently underdeveloped, but it has content post-plantera.)
    - Cross-Mod content with GRealm and Thorium, with Mod of Redemption & Varia cross-mod content planned!
    (Thorium support being worked on. Currently only one healer weapon)
    - Calamity Mod Revengeance+ support coming soon
    - Fargo's Mutant Mod support.
    - A unique soundtrack.


    The Mushroom Monarch: An early-game pre-king slime boss fightable right out of the gates on the surface during the daytime. Alternates between trying to run you down and stomp you into the ground. Drops early-game life-based equipment.


    The Feudal Fungus: An early-game pre-king slime boss fightable right out of the gates in a glowing mushroom biome. Alternates between different magic projectile attacks and swooping down to attack you. Drops early-game mana-based equipment


    The Grips of Chaos: An Eye of Cthulhu alternative boss fought at nighttime. Each claw hovers at a different side to their target, and periodically charge down the player. Drops Incinerite and Abyssium, which are Demonite/Crimtane alternatives.


    The Broodmother: An EoW/BoC alternative fought in the Inferno biome. Flies above the player, breathing fire, laying eggs, and shooting fireballs. Drops Incinerite, a highly durable metal that's used for slow, but hard-hitting gear (Think crimson taken to a more logical extreme)


    The Hydra: An EoW/BoC alternative fought in the Mire biome. Stalks the player by teleporting to them, breathing acid with all of her heads, and spitting gunk. Drops Abyssium, an exceedingly light metal that's used for speed-increasing gear and insanely fast weapons (Think demonite taken to a more logical extreme)


    The Desert Djinn: A very muscular post-skeletron desert boss. Attacks by ramming into you and flexing to create sandnados.


    The Subzero Serpent: A post-skeletron snow boss. Attacks by digging through the ground and breating frost breath at the player.


    Sagittarius: A post-skeletron void boss. Starts off as a horse robot with orbiting probes, changing into a faster, singular probe once the orbiters around it are destroyed.


    The S.I.E.G.E. Units; Mechanical Boss alternatives based on the chaos bosses. Drops Fulgurite, a sturdier defense-based hallowed alternative.


    The Equinox Worms; Post Moon Lord Worm Bosses. Both fought at the same time, with the time of day speeding up as they are fought. During each worm's dominant time of day, the worm gets bigger and gains an increased stat (Daybringer gets more attack, Nightcrawler gets more defense). Defeating them spawns Celestial Stars in the atmosphere that change depending on the time of day.


    Ashe and Haruka; Sisters of Anarchy: Bosses also fought together that hover near you and will attempt to distract you from eachother. Ashe keeps her distance and is much more projectile/minion based, while Haruka is more melee based, getting up close and personal with you. Defeating them spawns Daybreak Incinerite in the lava layer and Eventide Abyssium in the jungle.


    Akuma; Draconian Demon: A post-Ashe and Haruka worm boss fought in the Inferno. Breathes fire, along with many other fire-based projectiles. Defeating him in normal mode is quite a challenge, but if you defeat him in expert mode...let's just say the flames of fury won't have been entirely put out.

    Not for Kids.png

    Yamata; Dread Nightmare: A post-Ashe and Haruka worm boss fought in the Mire. Spits, along with many other soul-based projectiles. Has 6 heads to protect his true head from damage as meat shields. Defeating him in expert mode won't be as easy as it seems, as Yamata doesn't take too kindly to losing. Especially to warm-bloods like yourself.


    Zero; Doomsday Construct: A post-Equinox Worms boss fought in the void. Acts like Skeletron with a few key differences, such as being invincible while it's arms are alive, gaining 4 new arms at half health, and being invincible while spinning towards the player. Defeating it in expert mode is imensely difficult, especially because it has a backup protocol in place in case things go south.


    1.0 Squad.png

    Thanks to all these amazing people for all their help with the mod!
    - Alphakip
    - Tails the Fox 92
    - TheDoctorDallin
    - Elizabeth Miles
    - Grox The Great
    - Hallam, God of Rainbows
    - Gregg
    - Welox
    - KyuuSW
    - TheRedstoneBro
    - Glitched Pixel
    - Niorin
    - Tied
    - SpectralAves
    - Beg
    - GamingWithZack
    - FailureOfMankind
    - Karamitasu
    - Charlie Debnam
    - OmegaFerretMusic
    - LordCakeSpy
    - Rockwizard
    - Frogtism
    - ZipZopZoop
    - Fargowilta
    - Fazergamer
    - Hero
    - Sume
    - MechanicPluto
    - Ezalos
    - Dradonhunter11
    - Omega-Zacharias
    - Dan Yami
    - Gregg

    Thank you to our amazing Patrons!
    - Spectral Aves
    - Rockwizard
    Current version is on the mod browser
    Base Mod by @Grox The Great is required to load Ancients Awakened. Download is also on the mod browser.
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  2. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Help Wanted!

    We are looking for new dedicated spriters, as most of our current ones are very busy with other mods. You may send in applications to me via a google doc in discord answering these 3 questions, and attaching some of your previous work to the doc below the questions.

    1. What is your experience with spriting?

    2. What sprite are you most proud of? (Attatch below this question) Why are you proud of it?

    3. Why do you want to sprite for AA?

    >Insert past work here

    You may also create a new sprite from something in the #stuff-needed channel in our discord, and extra consideration will be given to those who do. This is not required, however.

    Note: Extra consideration to those willing to provide New sprites.
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  3. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Just wanted to say, thanks for finally making a thread. This will make things a lot easier in the long-run for users of AA.
  4. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    Pretty much what Yvori said.
    It's been quite some time since a large content mod has successfully went somewhere from the idea/or sprite bin. Back in the day all we had was music and a google design doc, and now: Ancients Awakened comes in strong with it's large cast of items, bosses, sprites, and custom music! I can't tell you how happy I was to one day see this mod realized on the browser!
    But it also has quite alot of flaws and oddities I'd expect from a beta so there's that. At the moment this mod is a mixed bag for me, but the potential here is huge! And I hope you and the team keep working and listening to people to make it great!
  5. Tails the Fox 92

    Tails the Fox 92 Terrarian

    Yes, I realize that we probably should have made a page sooner, since there are plenty of people who prefer the forums over discords. Better late than never I guess.
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  6. HLF themax

    HLF themax Terrarian

    This mod is one of the few mods with the potential to become as cool as calamity, thorium and spirit are . Looking forward for the completition of that one .
    By the way, will it be compatible with thoses previous 3 ?
  7. Tails the Fox 92

    Tails the Fox 92 Terrarian

    Ancients Awakened will be compatible with most mods. As for cross content, we're working on Thorium Healer/Bard support, and Calamity Revengeance+ support. No cross content with Spirit sadly.
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  8. HLF themax

    HLF themax Terrarian

    i understand . Hopefully we will be able to see cross content with Spirit . Keep up for the good work
  9. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    I imagine Spirit cross-content won't happen until the Spirit rewrite is finished, as Spirit is currently in a state of limbo until that's done as far as I know.
  10. MikpinRYB

    MikpinRYB Terrarian

    Thank you for making a forum thread for this- It'll really help.
  11. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    Please add support for Census to your town NPCs. :)
  12. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Yeah I’ve been told by most other popular mod devs to avoid the forums like a plague, but I’ll try to be on here more. It’s not as bad as they say.

    Yeah I’ve been trying my best to create something fun. I’m not about that “Hurr durr my mod is the best” mentality that plagues this community. I’m making something for people to enjoy.

    Spirit is confirmed to be el rippo. F to pay respects.
  13. Ryeun

    Ryeun Eye of Cthulhu

    I knew a forum thrend would come (Though not pictured), I can smell it!
  14. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    It came because I was getting yelled at by people to do it, but it’s here
  15. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Sorry if it came across as yelling (I assume my excessively long, admittedly tired and overly grumpy tirade against Discord-only mods on the Discord had something to do with it - again sorry, I shouldn't have taken out those frustrations there, even if I did have some proper mod feedback mixed in).
    Again I don't get this. Most popular mod devs I see still use the forums extensively, if not even solely, even for new mods of theirs. Perhaps I'm just not sure what constitutes popular since I know very little about mods that have Discord-only info and tend to avoid them. I know the Calamity community has had some... toxicity issues in the past, and let's face it, probably present, but with any community as massive as Calamity's that's bound to be a problem even in a curated Discord.

    Huh. That's another statement I don't recall seeing. Almost every mod author I've interacted with has been humble about their mod and not expected people to worship it or anything. Even some of the... less than stellar (okay sometimes I get a bit rant-ey) feedback on my part has been usually met with respect (often more than I deserve).

    Ah? Has Yuyutsu stated the rewrite isn't going to happen? Well... Crumbs. I didn't give it a fair shake at first, but after finishing a playthrough with it some time ago, I really enjoyed it even with its flaws. Was really looking forward to it getting a new code of paint (pun intended) and patched up.
  16. LordZeta1313

    LordZeta1313 Terrarian

    Could i use this application template if i wanted to join the modding team in some other way? (I.e as a lore writer, Gamplay Analyst, ETC.)
  17. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    1: I think Alphakip was referring to "others" on discord, not really just you.
    2: This is false, I know alot of the larger mod devs made the forums a 2nd to none priority after a while, why do you think we have so many screencaps of announcements Fabsol makes in his discord on the forums? Or maybe why mod authors havn't logged in in a very long time but are still active on discord?
    Luiafk was active on discord for a YEAR after he vanished from the forums, remember that...
    Eitherway, it shaped their view to avoid the forums, it could just be they got into a pinch with the staff (like myself) and decided to do this all their own way.
    Who really knows?
    3: Again, this is false. There are alot of discord only mods where the author shamelessly advertises their mod despite it often being terrible.
    Often, not always. I don't know if Alpha advertised alot, but again I was surprised with how good this was. I've often come to expect subpar mods from discord-only teams.
    4: I honestly think Yuyutsu just wants to move on from spirit like Jofairden did from Tremor, can we not pressure him into remaking spirit if he doesn't want to please?

    5: I think this is starting to get off topic, this is Alpha's thread for AA, not a thread to keep asking why the mod was discord-only (because now it's obviously not)
    So atleast myself is going to be respectful of that by not bringing it up again in this thread after this post.
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  18. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Yes, but only when we’re hiring for other things.

    2. I’m not gonna say which one it was, but the main proprietor of the “Avoid the forums” thing is one of the devs of the actual game. I also heard it from a couple others that I don’t want to name for privacy’s sake.

    3. I’m gonna have to agree with you. It’s a big issue in the community. This whole “:red: you I’m the best” mentality needs to die.

    And yes, I have advertised, but only when Me and my team feel my mod is presentable and in places where advertising is permitted.

    4. Yeah leave the guy be. He doesn’t want to work on it anymore, so be it. It’s his mod, he can do what he wants with it.

    5. I don’t mind. I’m willing to answer any questions involving the mod, so feel free to ask away.
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  19. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    That's a surprise, I never would have thought that considering the forums are backed by the devs themselves!
    But honestly like I said before it sounds like personal beef and nothing else; names don't matter to me anyways as far as this is concerned, but now your hearing the other side of the coin because you choose to listen, and I couldn't ask anymore than that <3

    I haven't DLed the latest version yet so anything feedback-wise I would have isn't valid atm, but I'll be sure to get back to you on that when I do!
  20. Tails the Fox 92

    Tails the Fox 92 Terrarian

    Suggestion noted. I'll try to get that mod supported.