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    Hey Guys, just figured out how to play not only on local Hostenviroments, but also on a global scale together with Android devices.

    Download Easy VPN, its a Google-Play app, got a little bit of Commercials running on the Main Menue but that should not bother you in facing this awesome feature.

    There are several VPN-Servers which connect each player on it with another, as soon as you have the VPN running and selected your country, players can join your game and you can look for other players in multiplayer options, just select "Terraria" as a through VPN connected app in the Easy VPN-Settings.

    The only server containing "usable" amounts of players right now is India, and since im a German and live here its kinda hard to play because of the ping.

    If you guys want to play sometimes together, doing Frost Moon or whatever, add me on discord LEGEND#1388 and we can select a server that is in between us for a playable ping.

    Cheers !
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    Hi there @Speedrun, welcome to the forums. :)

    Yes, playing online on the mobile version may be possible with third-party apps. And you are, of course, able to do whatever you’d like with your own device,no one is telling you what you can or can’t with your own phone or tablet. But, for yourself, and for other players that may stop by to read this, playing Terraria with third-party apps isn’t supported or recommended, and there may be unintended side effects. If there’s not, great. But if there is, any issues with the game wouldn’t be supported by the Terraria developers.
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    Thanks Unit, was a little bit to amazed to see also the Bad sides of this :confused:. Of course, i understand that the game-developers cant assure that the game will still functioning after using third party apps. From what i saw by now is that the VPN-App works on a stand-alone scale, just providing a single-network connection for the phone for every app.

    Of course, what you never should do is connecting the VPN and then open up a map that not have a back up in the cloud. Other players can raid you in seconds.
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    i believe nordvpn works but then again not supported by them
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    Thanks man. Yea well, i posted this a couple of days ago, in the meantime was not a single player that wanted to play together haha. So the use of VPN is still limited to me.