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Angler quest lock


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Windows 10
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The angler has been demanding Pengfish for game-weeks now, which would be fine if I could catch one. I have max fishing power in a large Surface/Snow lake.
Aren't these quests meant to refresh at 4:30am?
Don't these quests refresh if you kill him?

Suggestions welcome.


Is time frozen on a journey world?
Are you changing time in journey world? if you are changing the time, you can't just change straight to dawn;I think changing to midnight, then dawn will work, but if not, change it to dusk, let the time go past midnight naturally, then change to dawn.

If neither of the above, it is most likely just bad RNG.


This is a Master mode world, not Journey. Bad RNG may explain re-rolling the same quest a few times, but my inability to catch a Pengfish has me thinking there's a bug.

Also worth noting;
  • there is not already any quest fish in my inventory
  • I am finding Atlantic Cod, verifying the biome


Brain of Cthulhu
Is there any Crimson, Corruption or Hallow nearby? You can see catch regular ice fish (e.g. Atlantic Cod) in infected overlapping biomes, but you won't be able to catch the quest fish.
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