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Anointed Armaments

Welcome Vault Hunter, to a new world!

This mod adds one thing, and that is a whole lot of legendary guns from one of my personal favorite games, Borderlands 3. I was inspired to make this after playing @Yuyutsu's mod Guns, Glorious Guns! which is one of the best mods out there for early game rangers and can procedurally generate billions of guns. Not having the knowledge to do that, I opted to instead spread out the guns throughout the game as rare drops from bosses, minibosses, and specific enemies in the spirit of Borderlands.

This adds 47 new weapons throughout the game, and due to the rarity, I made sure they pack a little more punch than your standard vanilla guns

Download: bl3Guns
(Or y'know, on the mod browser)

(Note: some items pictured were not implemented for one reason or another, may be coming in future 1.4 update)

Boss Drops
Companion [Pistol] - Drops from King Slime, ignites enemies on hit
Maggie [Pistol] - Drops from EoC, fires a spread of bullets (like a shotgun but faster)
Psycho Stabber [Pistol] - Drops from the EoW & BoC, fires knives and can melee attack like a shortsword
Skeksil [Pistol] - Drops from the Dark Mage, Fires in a burst with a chance to also launch 1-3 elemental rockets
Hornet [Pistol] - Drops from Queen Bee, Fires a burst of poison bullets that have a small explosion radius
Lyuda [Sniper] - Drops from Skeletron, fires three high-damage bullets
Hellwalker [Shotgun] - Drops from WoF, fires a wide spread of 10 bullets that ignite enemies
Lucky 7 [Pistol] - Drops from Flying Dutchman, fires a burst of randomized bullets
Hellshock [Pistol] - Drops from the Twins, fires two arc bullets that can ricochet and turn into fire, dealing massively increased damage
Night Hawkin [SMG] - Drops from the Destroyer, fires a burst of cryo bullets that will slow enemies, and at night will also ignite them
The Lob [Shotgun] - Drops from Skeletron Prime, fires a slow-moving orb that pierces enemies and goes through tiles for a short duration
Ogre [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Ogre, quickly fires twin rockets
Kaoson [SMG] - Drops from Plantera, spawns grenades on enemy hits
Krakatoa [Sniper] - Drops from Pumpking, Fires fast and has a chance to spawn AoE volcanoes below enemy deaths
Monarch [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Ice Queen, Fires a spread of 3-10 bullets insanely quickly
Sand Hawk [Sniper] - Drops From Golem, shoots living phoenixes (that plural phoenix is correct I checked)
Ruby's Wrath [Rocket Launcher] - Drops from Betsy, fires a spread of homing rockets
Hyperfocus XZ41 [SMG] - Drops from Duke Fishron, spawns additional bullets on enemy hits
Occultist [Pistol] - Drops from the Lunatic Cultist, fires a single powerful rocket followed by a volley of small zip-rockets
Anarchy [Shotgun] - Drops from Moon Lord, kills grant a stacking buff that can grant up to 3x damage (Use it well, this thing is meant to contend with the Zenith)

Miniboss Drops
Redistributor [SMG] - Drops from the Goblin Summoner, every 7th shot is amped and spawns additional homing bullets
Miscreant [Pistol] - Drops from the Pirate Captain, rapidly launches zip-rockets
Unkempt Harold [Pistol] - Drops from the Dungeon Guardian, fires an even spread of explosive pellets
Butcher [Shotgun] - Drops from Mothron, fires at full-auto
Devastator [Pistol] - Drops from the Mourning Wood, Launches a twin-burst of high-power rockets
Shredifier [Assault Rifle] - Drops from the Headless Horseman, shoots incredibly quickly
Backburner [Rocket Launcher] - Drops from Everscream, launches a slow-moving orb that creates an explosive fountain upon contact with a tile
Little Yeeti [Pistol] - Drops from the Yeti, fires a shotgun-like spread that has as much knockback as I thought was possible
Scoville [Pistol] - Drops from Santa-NK1, fires a double-burst of extremely explosive hot sauce bottles
Smog [SMG] - Drops from the Solar Pillar, has increased damage and guaranteed critical hits while the user's health is full (I will definitely have to nerf this one so have fun for now)
Light Show [Pistol] - Drops from the Vortex Pillar, shoots an even spread of 4 bullets
O.P.Q. System [Assault Rifle] - Drops from the Stardust Pillar, can spawn a drone and has a chance to spawn large electric explosions
Yellowcake [Rocket Launcher] - Drops from the Nebula Pillar, fires an explosive radioactive orb that splits twice, creating massive additional explosions each time (I will also have to nerf this soon)

Enemy Drops
Infinity [Pistol] - Drops from Pinky, does not consume ammo
Unforgiven [Pistol] - Drops from the Bride/Groom, has a chance to fire a high-damage, amped shot
Flakker [Shotgun] - Drops from Tim, fires a short-range cluster rocket
Roisen's Thorns [Pistol] - Drops from Nymph, fires a spread of fire bolts with a high-damage corrosive shot in the middle
Sledge's Shotgun [Shotgun] - Drops from Doctor Bones, burst fires a spread of bullets
Prompt Critical [Pistol] - Drops from the Rune Wizard, fires a thin spread of high-velocity explosive rounds
Sickle [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Wyverns, fires a large, sickle-shaped projectile
Rebound [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Clowns, fires saw blades that bounce back and forth twice, exploding each time
Long Musket [SMG/Flamethrower] - Drops from Ice Golems, shoots out a short-range flame
Lead Sprinkler [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Sand Elementals, on enemy hits create explosive orbs
Conference Call [Shotgun] - Drops from enemies in the Frost Legion, fires a spread of bullets, each of which spawns an additional bullet upon enemy hits
Dictator [Assault Rifle] - Drops from Nailhead, fires an even spread of 3 bullets, alt-fire changes to a 7-shot spread in exchange for no horizontal movement
Blood Starved Beast [SMG] - Drops from Bone Lee, projectiles pierce and can explode when contacting an enemy
Face Puncher [Shotgun] - Drops from Paladins, deals melee damage

-The guns with charge times (Hellshock and Krakatoa) will play shoot sounds the first time after you charge them up again after firing them
-Most of the custom projectiles don't spawn directly on the gun's barrel, often offset by a few pixels
-Custom rarity only applies when the item is unreforged, otherwise, colors will sometimes be visible
-This also applies to weapons when picked up and hovered over

Feel free to DM me on discord (Blato#0721) with balance issues/bugs, I probably won't be checking here often


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I've really enjoyed following the progress of this mod over the past few months- great work! We could all use a bit more Borderlands in Terraria :)
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