PS3 Anybody want to play?

Discussion in 'Quick Hookup' started by KneonT123, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. KneonT123

    KneonT123 Terrarian

    Does anybody want to play on a non-hardmode world? Please no hardmode gear. The friend I am playing with is new to the game and so Hardmode stuff may be kinda unfair for him. So ANYTHING you can get in easymode will be fine. If you wish to play,please friend KneonT on the PS3. Thanks!
  2. bennyboo_boss

    bennyboo_boss Terrarian

    a fresh new charterer? cuz i have a hardmode charterer but i can go easy. If ur intrested... heres my psn: bennyboo_boss
  3. ROHAI

    ROHAI Terrarian

    Im fairly early on in game progression. psn R-O-H-A-I