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Story AoS Project

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Shingeki no Suijin

Hello everyone! For those who don't know what AoS Project is, it's a story in the making that I will be making through Literature and GMod. The name of this is Attack on Suijin, but I might change it to be titled Shingeki no Suijin. I should also note that all characters, models, and maps belong to their respective characters. If you have time, please support the characters and their respective shows.

~ News ~

IMPORTANT! If anyone has any constructive criticism that can help me with the currently posted bios, that would be very kind. Some bits I can do, but I do expect some criticism from the character descriptions. If you do help in a positive manner, then you can expect to be listed in the credits (how I'll do this? I don't know). And remember to have a great day! :D

8/18/2015 - Right now I plan to finish up the character bios that need to be finished (or at least those that are going to be in the first chapter of the series).

8/21/2015 - Completed the following groups of characters: Suijin Shrine, Lead Suijin Task Force, and Suijin Task Force. I also changed the name to Shingeki no Suijin.

9/15/2015 - I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and content concerning Shingeki no Suijin. I have been slacking off with this project for some time now, and I finally had it with my lack of updates. Anyways, I am planning on righting an outline of the events in the story before actually writing it. Another new idea I have is too post this to a blog. I will keep the Table of Contents, but the spoilers will reveal links to the chapters that will be uploaded on the blog I have not created for Shingeki no Suijin.

~ Trailers ~

Trailer 1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501294888

Trailer 2 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501873085

~ Character Bios ~

- Robert Speedwagon
- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 25
- Weapon: Obsidian Shard
- Speedwagon is the leader of the Suijin Defense Force.
- Speedwagon has blond hair with a trench coat and a top hat.
- Speedwagon is a rich, but kind-hearted gentleman with a fierce fighting spirit.
- He uses a sword that is imbued with the element of fire.
- His relationship with his companions is limited with the exception of Neptune, as he is Neptune's master, and in their time of being master and assistant, they have grown to create a tight bond.
- He signed up for the Suijin Defense Force to carry on his friend Jojo's wish, "To protect anyone else from having to die in fear of those monsters."
- He also signed up to spice up his life with a bit of action, rather than being the head of a business.

- Neptune
- Race: Halfling
- Gender: Female
- Age: 25
- Weapon: Death Yoyo
- Neptune's master is Speedwagon.
- Neptune is a halfling with a small form and a big attitude, which is shown with her show-off attitude.
- Neptune has pink hair with a pink and white hoodie.
- She is also a really big eater, despite being so small.
- She also tries to keep Kyoko from stealing food.
- Neptune is easily the one who connects the group together with her uplifting and motivating feeling towards her friends.
- She strangely has a connection with a mysterious man named Val.
- Neptune's single reason for joining the Suijin Defense Force was to follow Speedwagon after he bought her a cake that she wanted.

- Kyoko Sakura
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 18
- Weapon: North Pole
- Kyoko is a sassy girl with a big appetite.
- Kyoko is a girl in a dress with scarlet hair and a black ribbon in her hair.
- Unlike Neptune, the way she gets her food is through some morally wrong practices.
- Although, She still gets along with Neptune really well.
- She joined the Suijin Defense Force to protect Madoka.
- She also joined to protect humanity with Mami Tomoe, but then moved to the Defense Force after Mami died from a Shy.

- Frederick
- Race: Mechite
- Gender: Male
- Age: 27
- Weapon: Sonic Hammer
- Frederick is a friendly Mechite that takes the form of a brown bear with a bow, a top hat, and some rosy cheeks.
- He used to work at a child friendly pizzeria known as "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
- Unfortunately, he was fired from his job after an incident that severely harmed a child. It was known as "The Bite of '87."
- After getting fired, he became unfriendly toward children and grew to become very dull.
- Although, one day he visited the Suijin Shrine and met Madoka, which changed his life.
- Although he is much friendlier, he can also be dirty minded every now and then.
- His reason for joining the Suijin Defense Force is to protect Madoka.
- He was actually the original leader, until Speedwagon claimed the title.

Suijin Defense Force Portrait: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501874934

- Madoka Kaname
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 18
- Weapon: N/A
- Madoka is the maiden at the Suijin temple.
- She wears a dress and has pink hair with red ribbons.
- She has a very happy and uplifting attitude, and is willing to risk her life with dangerous sacrificial offerings to keep the great demon lord pleased.
- As being the maiden of the temple, she imbues weapons with elemental attributes to assist the warriors that protect all those who need it.
- Another priority she has as the temple maiden is that she must give sacrificial offerings to the temple spirits.
- Her reason for living life with a smile is all because of a man from her past, known as Jacob Dauksha.

- Leon Lionheart
- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 20
- Weapon: Silver Fang
- Leon is a very cool and handsome man, with great fighting experience.
- Leon is the keeper and owner of the Suijin Shrine.
- He has brown hair and dresses mostly in black.
- He hired Madoka as a shrine maiden based on her looks.
- He never expected Madoka to be as good as she was at her job.
- He is also the master of the Halfling, Nep.
- He knows a lot about the shrine, but he keeps that information classified to everyone, even Madoka.

- Nep
- Race: Halfling
- Gender: Female
- Age: 20
- Weapon: Everything
- Nep's master is Leon.
- She's also the twin sister of Neptune.
- Nep is a trouble maker, as she tends to leave messes all over the place.
- She gets scared quite easily, and will proceed to start throwing random things at whatever scared.

Suijin Shrine Portrait: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504023746

- Emil Castagnier
- Race: Human/Demon
- Gender: Male
- Age: 16
- Weapon: Flare Dagger
- Emil is a tough, yet sometimes shy, young boy.
- He dresses with a scarf and a dark blue tunic.
- He is unique in the fact that he has a demon living in his heart.
- Emil is the Major of the Anti-Demon Army.
- While Emil has a demon existing in his body, he was still permitted to join the Anti-Demon Army.
- Emil is the one person who keeps teamwork up while they are fighting powerful demons.

- Noire
- Race: Halfling
- Gender: Female
- Age: 50
- Weapon: Guillotine Frisbee
- Noire's master is strangely Dog rather than Grievous, since he is the team's leader.
- Noire is a curious and strong-willed Halfling, and she wears a black dress.
- Noire is the Captain of the Anti-Demon Army.
- She is one of few living beings that can actally use elements without an enchantment.
- Noire's reason for joining the Anti-Demon Army was to spread the message that Mechites and Halflings should be treated as equals to humans.
- She wanted equallity for Mechites because of Dog.

- General Grievous
- Race: Cyborg
- Gender: Male
- Age: 57
- Weapon: Shadow Saber
- General Grievous is a strong and knowledgeable fighter.
- He has a cyborg suit to cover his severely damaged body.
- He is the strongest warrior in the Anti-Demon Army.
- As his name is suggests, he is the General of the Anti-Demon Army, and he is the leader of the Lead Suijin Task Force.
- His weapon is hand crafted from fire crystals, scrap metal, and dark matter.
- His weapon was also the first weapon to be enchanted with an element.
- Grievous is actually the reason for equality being given to Halflings and Mechites because he agreed with Noire.

- Dog
- Race: Mechite
- Gender: N/A
- Age: 50
- Weapon: Itself
- Dog is a mute Mechite that shows great care for everyone, by tanking powerful attacks.
- He is rumored to be the most durable of all of the Mechites.
- Dog doesn't have a title, but he responds even when he is called by First Lieutenant.
- Dog is also the master of Noire.
- Dog is unique in that it has no gender.

- Ruby Rose
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 15
- Weapon: Crescent Rose
- Ruby is a very hyper and energetic young girl, who has black hair with red highlights, a red cape/hood, and a red and black dress.
- Ruby is the Colonel of the Anti-Demon Army, and she is placed in the Lead Suijin Task Force.
- She is one of the youngest girls to join the forces, as she is only 15.
- Despite her age, she is well experienced in combat, as her Crescent Rose is a dual weapon.
- Even though she is a strong warrior, she tends to show excessive amounts of hubris, which ends up getting her in trouble.

Lead Suijin Task Force Portrait: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501756438

- Joseph Joestar
- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 18 (2013)
- Weapon: Stardust Punching Gloves
- Joseph is a cocky trickster, who loves to play pranks and mess with his most predictable foes.
- He wore a green scarf, turquoise colored clothes, and brown boots.
- Joseph was the leader of the Suijin Task Force.
- His last battle was in the 2013 Keman Mine Slaughter.
- He died to a Bloody Titan on September 18th, 2013.

- Asuna Yuuki
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 18 (2013)
- Weapon: Gold Needle
- Asuna is a hasty fighter with great cooking talent.
- She wears an armor plated dress colored red and white.
- Asuna would've stayed out of the war, but she was drafted when a demon outbreak occurred in her city.
- Asuna was the last member to join the Suijin Task Force.
- Her first and last battle was in the 2013 Keman Mine Slaughter.
- She died to a Gigazard on September 18th, 2013.

- Mami Tomoe
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 19 (2013)
- Weapon: Magic Pistol
- Mami is a sweet, kind-hearted girl with many strong abilities.
- She wears a yellow and brown dress with a feathery cap.
- She was the second member of the Suijin Task Force, as well as being the one who gathered the other two recruits: Springtrap and Asuna Yuuki.
- She formed the Suijin Task Force with Joseph Joestar, to be able to join in the wars, rather than take on small missions.
- Her reason for joining the Anti-Demon Army was to protect her friend Madoka Kaname.
- Her final battle was the 2013 Keman Mine Slaughter.

- Springtrap
- Race: Mechite
- Gender: Male
- Age: 36 (2013)
- Weapon: Hex-ShotAxe
- Springtrap is a strong fighter that has scars from previous demon encounters.
- Springtrap is a rabbit-shaped Mechite that is colored yellow with a shade of green.
- Before being recruited by Mami, he would protect various races from demons that got into the city at night.
- He is the third member of the Suijin Task Force.
- His second war was the 2013 Keman Mine Slaughter.
- He sacrificed himself to blow up a Were-Eye in his second war.
- Scientists are working on recovering what's left of him for testing purposes, so they can attempt to [REDACTED] him.

Suijin Task Force Portrait: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504129386

- Jacob Dauksha
- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 19
- Weapon: N/A
- Jacob is a kind and uplifting man that was part of Madoka's past.
- He wears black and has brown hair.
- According to Madoka's memory, he met her after the events of the 2013 Keman Mine Slaughter.
- He disappeared from Madoka's life after the 2014 Demon Raid.
- He is the reason why Madoka is still happy today.
- Not much is known about him other than what is shown in Madoka's flashbacks.
- He is currently labeled as missing.

- Hachiman Hikigaya
- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Age: 19
- Weapon: N/A
- Hikigaya is a guy with a somewhat dull personality, but occasionally he lets out a bit of joy, especially when it's toward others.
- He dresses in a school uniform and has black hair.
- He is a very close friend to Yui, but doesn't realize her true feelings towards him.
- He is great at solving problems when he is determined.
- He met Madoka after meeting Jacob.
- He disappeared after the 2014 Demon Raid.
- He is currently labeled as missing.

- Yui Yuigahama
- Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Age: 18
- Weapon: N/A
- Yui is a high-spirited and cheerful girl.
- She wears a school uniform and has ginger hair (no ginger jokes).
- She's in love with Hikki.
- She loves to spend time with her friends.
- She met Madoka after meeting Jacob.
- She disappeared after the 2014 Demon Raid.
- She is currently labeled as missing.

Yui and Hikki: https://terminaato.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/oregairu2.png


~ Human ~
~ Halfling ~
~ Mechite ~
~ Cyborg ~
~ Demon ~


~ Table of Contents ~

- Prologue -

Demon Warfare

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This Monday, school is starting for me again, but wait, it's not just school...it's...college. As you can imagine, updates are going to be coming out less frequent in that time, especially since I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I'll work on it sometime on Fridays-Sundays.

On a side note, since I don't have any models for the Kaname Memoria characters (especially Jacob since that's based off of me), I won't be able to make a portrait. I guess I can use some props to make a character for me, but for Hikki and Yui, I will need some sort of model. Personally anything would work. If anyone knows of any useful tools for Gmod, PLEASE TELL ME!

Anyways, have a good one!
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