Ask a bed breaker anything!


The Destroyer

I like books
lot's of books
I like beds
Lot's of beds!
I like Munching
I like Crunching
On mean beds
Ask anything allowed by the forum rules.
Nothing personal please!
why do you like breaking beds?
becuase they are mean
what's your favorite mythical creature?
what's your favorite book?
what's you favorite song?
Mythical creature:Wyverns!
Book? none! I like almost all books
Favorite songs? I don't really listen all that much tbh
Will sloths ever become a master race, do you even like sloth?
Sloths are slow
sloths could be better if they did stuff at a faster rate.
Sloths are good , cool, quite,so yes,I do.
phoenixes are... like sub-dragon bird combination.
Forgive me,becuase I don't know much about mythological creatures, but they are much cooler than regular birds.
they are like the hard-rock humans but birds.
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