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Attempting a fishing only character.

There are so many amazing new fish that I have decided it would be fun to start a fishing only character.

I named the character 'Fish Paste' and generated a new, small world.

The rules are pretty simple. Basically I cannot advance my character's gear except by fishing.

1. I cannot mine ore, I can only use ore I get from crates.
2. I cannot use any weapons or accessories from chests, But I may sell them.
3. I cannot use any weapons or accessories dropped by monsters unless it is a fish IE Piranha, Angler ect
4. I may use wooden gear until I get going (wussed out on this rule, I was getting stomped)

nothing else is restricted.

It will be pretty rough to get started but once you get rolling a lot of key accessorizes have fish alternatives. Also if it has a fish alternative then I have to use that. For example, since bombfish exist I cannot use regular bombs.

I've managed to get a bug net to start getting bait and so far only have a wooden fishing pole on the character. Current goal is to reach the ocean and get the angler. No fancy pictures or video I handle too many projects already XD But I will update this topic with anything interesting. I suppose the ultimate fishing goal is to defeat duke fishron.

Oh and one more thing, I do not claim ownership of this idea or anything so if you guys wanna do a fishing character and post about it, I wont be mad.
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