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Azure Skies

Hey there!
Welcome to the forum page for a little passion project of mine i've been working on called Azure Skies! This is a mod focused around expanding on areas within Terraria with new things as to alleviate the lack of focus it may not have gotten. You'll find a variety of brand new weapons, some which have been expanded on as well, such as Ranger Specialties like the Launcher (soon) and Flamethrower, along with other such things like a unique twist on a classic weapon.

Without further ado, let's see what kind of stuff this mod adds!

| Sludge

Sludge Equipment is gotten in pre-HM during night time, and much more commonly during a Blood Moon. It contains a variety of weapons (some of which are craftable at a Solidifier, some are obtained from Skuldge, a mini-boss the mod adds.
The armor is focused around melee, and while the chest and leg piece can only be crafted after getting the Solidifier, the Skull is dropped 100% of the time by Skuldge.

| Aquamarine

Aquamarine Equipment can be gotten from a few new special enemies that spawn in the Snow Biome. It includes a few weapons, and a new robe that while provides less mana and defense than something like the Diamond Robe, it provides 20% mana reduction. Along with that, there is a couple of accessories you can find, such as one in Ice Chests meant for summoners, the Cyro Cresent Pendant. It summons a little frozen cresent to fight for you, providing summoners a slight boost early on.

| Azurite

Azurite Equipment can be gotten upon defeating the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu and getting a pickaxe with 65% or higher pickaxe power, or by simply defeating enemies that have spawned upon defeating the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu. A few of the weapons are obtained from crafting with Azurite, and others like the Starfall Storm and Azumite Staff are obtained by defeating a certain type of enemy (Empyrean Wisp and Azurite Slimes respectively)
The armor set is a ranged-magic hybrid that is built like a glass cannon. It's set bonus provides an effect that on occasion, will send down a star upon hitting an enemy.

| Mycelium

Mycelium Equipment can be gotten from pretty much anything Glowing Mushroom related, such as trees and the enemies that lurk in the biome. There's a variety of equipment, along with a few new fungal friends to fight! One of these fungal fellows will drop a Fungal Flask, which is a magic weapon that creates a bunch of spores on collision. Along with that, there's a little scarf you can get here which occasionally leeches health from enemies hit by your summons, which is yet another useful accessory for summoners.
The armor set is a classless set focused on providing boosts to the player's health. It also provides 3 flat damage to all Mycelium-tiered weapons, giving the player more of a reason to use the weaponry.

| Miscellaneous

These are only a few of the many other items, but the following shown here are a few special ones, such as the Sprinters, a dash accessory tree that is first obtained by finding the Spore Sprinters in an Ivy Chest, and then slowly upgrading them across some of the upgraded biomes like the Glowing Mushroom biome, and the Sky Biome. Along with that, there's a tinker with the Lava Waders! And no, it's not your typical Frostspark combo. Rather, it's a combo of the Arctic Diving Gear to make the Thermal Diving Gear! While it isn't necesarily better, it is more fitting of a tinker than being tinkered with Frostspark boots.

As for the rest, you'll have to discover them yourself! So, if this has peaked your interest in any way, i'd recommend giving it a look! In the case you dislike any of the content in this mod, please let me know! I am very open to criticism and i've only just recently gotten into modding, so i'm not entirely sure what i'm doing yet.

In case you want to show your support for this mod, i'd recommend throwing this banner in your signature! I appreciate any support for the mod.


And if you'd like to talk with others about the mod, i'd suggest joining the Discord! I'm usually pretty active there.
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While I may not be directly involved with the development of this mod, I may have contributed to it in some way. Some of this mod's content is taken from a canceled mod that I worked on known as Celestial Infernal. (Which, through many mergers and cancellations, has somehow made its way into Trelamium 2.) The fungal enemies in this mod are inspired by the Royal Mushroom Soldier enemy from CI, which I worked on. These enemies most likely ended up here because I worked with Skyan on CI.
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