Back In This Game After Many Years

YouTube was a great introduction to game, but going forward, I'd recommend going in "blind".
  1. There's a large number of very cool secrets that won't quite hit the same if they get spoiled.
  2. Setting up your early to mid-game baseline, should be organic, and decided upon on your own terms [not borrowed from someone else].
  3. There's also a LOT of interesting ways to start, sometimes that includes generating a "terrible World Map". I personally believe that restarting, or regenerating a newer World, simply because you didn't get x, y, z item is a missed opportunity., especially in version
  4. A lot of YouTubers engage in brutal, tedious, mind-numbing tasks, for the sake of entertainment value; this stuff should NOT be copied over to a "casual playthrough", it's very easy to get "burnout" obsessing over the wrong things in Terraria [because it'll absolutely let you].
  5. A lot of YouTubers also have really bad habits that you might end up adopting subconsciously, give yourself the opportunity to develop your own bad habits, without adopting someone else's [some common examples].
    • poor inventory management
    • poor management of in-game finances
    • over-obsessing or over-committing to an unimportant feature/ item [unnecessary grinding]
    • failing to build certain kinds of infrastructure prior to Hardmode
    • etc.
  6. Lastly, I wish you a great experience, you picked a great time to come back!
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