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Balance Change for Ocram-Related Items (Crafting)

Do you think Infected Bars would be purposeful in the mobile/console versions of the game?

  • Sure, but only use for the armor sets

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  • Sure, but only use for the weapons (Tongobiri, Tizona)

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  • Absolutely, would love it for both the weapons and the post Ocram armor sets!

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  • Absolutely not, would serve no purpose in the current Console/Mobile versions of the game.

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  • Total voters

Terra Magicio

Empress of Light
Good evening Terrarians! Let me just cut to the chase before I bore you all to death. Introducing one new item that would make the Ocram items easier (ish) to craft! Introducing the Tainted Bar! Of course it would be crafted from hallowed bars and souls of blight. This way, all of the post-Ocram armor sets can be obtained on worlds that have ores other than the default 1.1 Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite ores. (Excluding Fishing) For example: A dragon helmet would require a hallowed mask and some blighted bars rather than the whole list of crafting baloney. Tell me what you think! I am just trying to raise awareness of a much needed change.
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