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Bard Weapons (Better sprites appreciated)


The Destroyer
Credit to ToxicFox98 for the idea, but he didn't give too much detail. Here are a few of my ideas for Bard weapons, inspired by my epic dungeon master skills with my RPG. I will almost certainly edit this to add more info on a later date. I WILL add spoilers, but I am sort of running out of time on this tonight.

Reed blowpipe: Basically an upgraded version of the blow gun. Reed blowpipe.png
Attack: 30
Knockback: 3
Critical chance: 6%
Use time: 30
Shoots four darts, but only consumes one. Changes all darts to "Notes"Note.png - an uncraftable dart that inflicts 8 damage and inflicts a new "Entranced" Debuff, which basically combines the Weak, Slow, and Confused debuffs, that lasts for three four seconds.

"The Staff": Basically, it looks like a staff used in sheet music. It is swung like a broadsword.The Staff.png
Damage: 60
Knockback: 9
Critical chance: 3%
Use time: 26
Inflicts the "Entranced" Debuff for five seconds.

Apollo's Lute: It's a sort of new type of weapon, basically, it projects a small circle around the player, much like the dryad's defensive spell, but A) Enemies cannot enter this force field, B), if they touch the outer edge, they receive fifteen damage, and C), you can only hold it up for 7 seconds, then you cannot use the Lute for twenty seconds. Knocks enemies back considerably. Please help, this is beyond my basic spriting abilities xD.

Jongleur Cloak: A white and black cloak that buffs all nearby allies in multiplayer, giving a 5% increase of every stat the celestial stone increases. Equipped in the equipment slots.Jongleur Cloak.png

Jongleur Hat: Defense: 10 Set Bonus: Increases all ranged weapon's damage by 30%
Jongleur Jacket: Defense: 15 Set
Jongleur LeggingsL Defense: 10
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