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PC Bastion/transistor references needed


I love both games and want some references to them in Terraria. I'm sure Supergiant Games would love it.

A new npc, the kid.
He would sell weapons or something. (I hope someone can suggest items)
A summon item to use a windbag as a summon would be awesome!

Transistor reference would be a singer npc who sells music related items... Looks like Red from Transistor.
I suggest having cells/the process being a summoning item sold sold by the npc or maybe a boss drop...

To be honest I hope Supergiant and Re-Logic can come up with ideas together... They're both really great indie game companies...
They all seem to have twitter accounts so they should be easy to reach...
I have hope!!! :D
Having the transistor sword would be enough for me. Such masterpieces both games. For the ones that think videogames can't be art, play transistor, Bastion, Terraria, Fez or Braid and you will realize that you are mistaken.
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