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Best building materials


Before anyone can give a meaningful answer, you will have to say what you think makes a material "better" than another.

Suppose I think that red is pretty. Then I will say that red-and-white striped Candy Cane Blocks are better than Boreal or Dynasty Wood. If you don't like red, my answer is of no use to you.

So: define "better."


It is all personal preference really. Personally I dig Boreal walls and Palm blocks like the ship I started working on below.


Adamantite beam looks absoluteley boss! U should try it, one adamantite ore and a stone block for one beam. Knows its a bit expensive, but if u start a new world and raid it for adamantite completeley, you should get a whole stack.


I just use whichever bricks look thematically relevant to whatever I'm building.

Boreal wood goes with just about any other wood type. Grey Brick/Red Brick/Sandstone/Mudstone/Stucco/Glass are also good contenders for building earlier structures. I'm no good at building with the Heavy Workbench blocks but I'm eager to find out what goes best with them. Iridescent blocks can be troublesome to make early on, but not outside the realm of possibility, as are Obsidian bricks.

Wood/Boreal Wood Fences make good windows for a base made with stone, I've found. Creative-use of platforms under windows to place books/glassware/flowerpots/other decorations makes your end-product look nice, too.

Some of the most beautiful bases I've seen were made with various ore bricks, obsidian/iridescent bricks, coloured torches/gemspark blocks, etc cetera.
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