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Mac Best defence armor?

whenever I fight moon lord my main armor set is usually beetle due to its defence. however I have not gotten 3 turtle shells and don't want to grind for them. what sets can get defence about just as good without the 3 1% drops. (no old ones army sets! this is post golem)


None, beetle armour is the best armour until you can get solar armour. Anything before beetle armour would probably be hallowed armour due to the shadow dodge set bonus.


Headless Horseman
I have used the Valhalla knight armor because of it's heal buff.
Solar armor is the best defense, but I usually don't use it because of the noise.


Brain of Cthulhu
If you don't want to grind for Turtle Shells (understandable, they're a bit of a pain to get), you can try Valhalla Armour, Hallowed Armour or Chlorophyte Armour. Some accessories such as shields also provide some defence. Warding accessories can also help improve your defence a little bit too.

But Moon Lord can't be tanked through defence alone. You need to avoid its projectiles. Even Beetle Armour with defence bonus or Solar Armour is not sufficient.
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