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Better Taxes 2.4.0 has been released!
  • Slightly nerfed the Christmas tax multiplier.
  • Deprecated the "AddStatement" method in Mod.Call; it is now the same as defining a recommended value in the "AddKey" method.
  • Removed the "IsFlexible" field in the config file. When a config file is reset, the mod now presents all available custom statements as well as their recommended values in the TaxRates field, allowing for easier config modification.
  • Removed the relatively useless "/settaxes" command.
  • Removed the deprecated and undocumented three-term key system (mod.modworld.field).
  • Fixed a minor bug where the Tax Collector would always have dialog indicating that auto-collection has not been set up for a short period of time after the server starts.
Better Taxes 2.4.1 has been released!
  • Renamed some default condition names to account for recent boss name changes in certain mods. Condition names that existed prior to this update remain functional.
  • Fixed a few minor typos.


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recently there's been an issue for me where the money gotten from the tax collector makes all money i had before entirely worthless as if the item is there but there's no value attached to it. This only started with a collection of mods i've recently been using so any help would be greatly appreciated. The mods i'm using are: Calamity with music, thorium, shadows of abbadon, boss checklist, magic storage, vein miner, max stacks +, friendly npcs don't die, consolaria, enigma, angler ++ (which hasn't caused any issue in the past), alchemist npc and shop expander.

also i may or may not have the collection rate set to the maximum amount possible so i can get extortionate amounts of money so if that's the case damn
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