Biome Based Generation Blocks... and the Super Sifter 9000

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  1. Haydenman2

    Haydenman2 Steampunker

    When I've been going through Hardmode cave systems that have been completely overtaken by a biome and I see a big ugly patch of Silt next to all the pretty Pearlstone, sometimes I think, "Man, wouldn't it be great if it blended in a bit better?"
    When I've been going through Hardmode cave systems that have been completely overtaken by a biome and I see a vein of Silt next to some Titanium ore, sometimes I think, "Man, it was good at first in the Extractinator, but now it's practically useless!"
    When I've been going through Hardmode cave systems that have been nearly overtaken by a biome but there's a large wall of Silt blocking the progression of the biome, sometimes I think, "Man, It'd make this Corruption thing spread way faster if it could go through this instead of around it!"

    Biome Based Generation Blocks!

    This addition would allow blocks that generate at the start of your world that remain in their pre-Hardmode forms prior to the infection of the area around them, whether it be by Corruption, Crimson, or the Hallow. This would not only be pretty for the eyes, but quite practical indeed. I shall go more in depth later on, but first of all, what blocks would be transformed? Well, for starters, I was thinking about a plethora of blocks from generation and crafted by Terrarians. After this list, I will talk about the positives of each and what they could be used in. The Hallowed variety would be white, light pink, or blue, the Corrupt variety would be black or purple, and the Bloody variety would be red.

    Before: Silt
    After: Pearlsilt, Ebonsilt, Crimsilt
    Before: Snow
    After: Pink Snow, Purple Snow, Red Snow
    Before: Dirt
    After: Hallowed Dirt, Corrupted Dirt, Bloody Dirt
    Before: Clay
    After: Pearlclay, Ebonclay, Crimclay
    Before: Mud

    After: Hallowed Mud, Corrupt Mud, Bloody Mud
    NOTE: To prevent the complete overtaking of the Jungle by not only the Corruption or Crimson, but also the Hallow, the Hallow would not infect mud in the Jungle.
    Before: Ash
    After: Pearl Ash, Ebon Ash, Crim Ash
    Before: Any Ores

    After: Tinted based on infection biome.
    Before: Sandstone
    After: Pearl Sandstone, Ebon Sandstone, Crim Sandstone
    NOTE: This one might not be so useful since Sandstone only spawns naturally in rare Pyramids.

    Before: Mudstone
    After: Pearl Mudstone, Ebon Mudstone, Crimmudstone
    Before: Slush
    After: Pink Slush, Purple Slush, Red Slush

    Before: Whatever you Suggest!
    After: Your creative biome names! Seriously, what other blocks might be cool?

    What might these be useful for?

    Well obviously most of these might be useful for spreading biomes, but most of these might be made into their wall varieties. Silt, i'll talk about later. This would also make it easier because currently, if all of your Jungle has been infected, then you can't fight Plantera with ease. Now, as long as it detects one of the biome Mud blocks, the Bulb could still spawn on it, thus allowing Terrarian access to Plantera later on. Clay could be made into biome bricks, biome decor like pots and bowls and other stuff Clay can be used for.

    What Silt (and Slush) would be used for?

    I'm not arguing that Silt and Slush are useful prior to the shift to Hardmode, I got most of my ores like that before I had a fast Pickaxe to use on the hard Stone, but then it kind of just becomes this thing you go back to, sort of, when you realize you didn't stockpile enough Iron for the pile of Mechanical Boss summon items. So I propose the new Super Sifter 9000, a direct upgrade to the Extractinator that can sieve the Silt and Slush to an even finer pile of ores to extract a small amount of Hardmode ores. Some of you might be thinking that this could break progression, but the recipe would need one Extractinator and 3 of each Hardmode world bar, like Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite, to make. That way, you at least required to do a bit of work before your efforts paid off. Of course, you could still get all the pre-Hardmode ores from it as well! And that's just for regular Silt. If you were to brave the danger and get some Pearlsilt, Ebonsilt, or Crimsilt, you would be rewarded! I have compiled a list of exclusive items that could come from those Silts, only from the Super Sifter 9000.

    Crimtane Ore

    Crystal Shard
    Pixie Dust
    Unicorn Horn

    Rotten Chunk
    Demonite Ore
    Cursed Flame

    Please leave feedback!

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  2. DerpRaven

    DerpRaven Steampunker

    Queso lemme give you the lowdown. We have played terraria together many times and you know me. You've seen my chests you've organized them. The only problem I see in this is INVENTORY CLUTTER. Don't know what you mean 'bout the pre-hardmode and crimtane and demonite but if your saying that all pre-hardmode ores turn into crimtane and demonite after you activate hardmode would be one thing I would say no to. Because AGAIN you know how our iron stocks where every playthrough in hardmode we never had any iron and if it was all removed we would have to mine in a different world. With the ash part I think the ash is fine cuz ash always reminds me when im close to hell and such. But I do know that ores looks a bit derpy in infected stones. :p
  3. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    I feel that making the complete earth convertable would be a bad move. For one you would always need a neutral forest biome, mainly to safely house NPCs, for Angler quests, for neutral mobs and for neutral wood (might have missed something). Also, when you hate a specific/all biomes and you want to Clentaminate everything to bits, having restricted biomes would be better.

    Making the Extractinator upgradeable would probably result in people not using it until they get to Hardmode, so they have a chance to get Hardmode ores, which kinda defies the essence of having the Extractinator to begin with.