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    (If possible please make sprites...I have no clue how to)(This is my suggestion, so criticism and suggestions are welcome and appreciated)

    I had the idea that, if Relogic can get permission from 2K Games and Ghost Story, an event based on the Bioshock series should be added.

    After Skeletron (previously Moon Lord) is defeated, a new NPC will appear and wonder around, the Tearmaker, based on Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Once she is settled in a house, she will sell plasmids (require a new ammo, EVE, to use) based on the plasmids and vigour from the 3 games, which you purchase with ADAM (she provides you with some ADAM after your first interaction with her). ADAM is also dropped by a new Sea Slug enemy.

    When she is present, the arms dealer will sell guns based on those from the end games.

    To activate the event, talk to the Tearmaker, she will have 3 options; "buy", "Cancel", and "Ready". Selecting "Ready" will trigger the Event, causing the background to change and enemies from the Bioshock series to spawn.

    Thuggish Splicers: The basic enemy. Uses the same AI as zombies.
    Leadhead Splicers: like Thuggish Splicers, but occasionally shoot musket ball like projectiles at your.
    Houdini Splicers: act like a basic Caster AI
    Frosty Splicers: shoot icy projectiles at you, like the icy mermaid enemy.
    Big Daddies: A midboss of sorts. Always appears alongside a Little Sister. It will only attack you after you at take it or the Little Sister, giving you time to stock up on potions, EVE and or bullets. There are multiple variants. Bouncers, which will be melee based; Roses, which would be ranged based; Big Sisters, which use Plasmid-like attacks. Once the Big Daddy is defeated, you interact with the Little Sister to end the event. You have the option to rescue or harvest. Harvesting gets you more ADAM, but rescuing gets you better rewards in the long run (your ideas for rewards would be great)
    Firemen: similar to the Frosty Splicers, but shoot fire projectiles at you

    (more to come, more research must be done)
    That is all I have got for now. Please give your ideas and criticisms.
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    No support. The Dungeon Defenders event's last tier was made Post-Golem for a reason.
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    Please elaborate
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    Scratch that I realised the problem
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    I have changed the problem
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    More content will be added soon
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    unless relogic get sapproval from 2kgames they will get a copyright and lose all of their money and we cant play this great game anymore
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    I understand that, I did mention it in the original message.
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    Idea: Don't add too much, see the post on your profile.
    You wouldn't want raging people.
    Other more usable ideas:
    Use quotes on items , fore example: A life increasing heart crystal
    "What is life? Using crystals for life doesn't seem bad , but when people don't die
    , what is the point of having a eternal life is you can't see the next adventure?"
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    Any more ideas, anyone?
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    More stuff added
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    As much as I love bioshock, I don't think that adding tons of stuff based directly after it is a good idea. The games don't even have anything in common.
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    I guess it's just wishful thinking on my part, but thank you for your input.
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    Is it ok if I continue adding stuff in spite of the realisation?
  12. Dynorok Loon-Maker

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    I have hit a blank for this suggestion. Please send some ideas (credit will be given where it is due)