Weapons & Equip Blueprint that is used to craft the dev sets dropped from HM boss bags instead of the dev sets being dropped directly


Living Tree
Replace in the loot table of the Hardmode boss bag the dev item drops from Hardmode boss bag with 9-15 of the following new item:

The blueprint:
New Piskel.png

The blueprint is then used for crafting pieces of the dev set at the mythril/orichalcum anvil:
Dev itemAmount of blueprints needed
All head pieces2
All chest pieces4
All leg pieces3
All Wings5 + 20 souls of flight
Valkyrie Yoyo4
Red's Throw4
Leinfors Luxury Shampoo2
Yoraiz0r's Scowl2
Loki's Dye1 (@ Dye Vat)
Skiph's Blood1 (@ Dye Vat)

I suggest this because getting any dev set is already a rare experience in expert mode but getting the set you want is even rarer and you would have to re-summon hardmode bosses all the time just for one wanted dev set. Having blueprints dropped with a 1/16 chance to craft the dev sets would allow to choose better the dev set that you wanted with less repetitive tasks. This will reduce anger such as "I fought like 300 hardmode bosses, got like 15x a dev set but did not get the dev set that I wanted!!!".
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I have tried to change it a bit to be less misunderstood but English is for me my 3rd language

Edit: Clarifying:

If my suggestion is implemented, then it would be that with a chance of 1/16 at opening a HM boss bag instead of any dev armor 9-15 blueprints appear. The blueprints you can use to craft the dev sets.
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