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Book and Pen! A way to write down in Terraria!

Would this be a good feature if implemented?

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So this may seem like a dumb feature at first, but I think a book you can write in would be really cool and very useful when I give you examples of how it could be used!

So to craft, you’ll need a book, which can be obtained from the dungeon, and any type of NORMAL dye. No due combos or special dye. This will change the color of the font if you want to.

STAMP FEATURE: This is nice because you can get a sprite of an item or enemy by using the stamp tool and searching the stamp you need.

So it is simple, you’ll get maybe around 50 or 60 pages of what you want to write. Here is what I suggest you can do with it:

1. Plan your day.
I forgot to mention you can write in autopause. This way you can make a schedule of what to do, maybe plan a mining session and then a boss fight in the same day.

2. List all the materials you’ll need.
So let’s say you’re grinding some materials or mining ore. You can write down how much of it you’ll need as well as use stamps to remember what you are grinding and how much you’ll need.

3. Remember drop rates.
Let’s say we are looking for an item, let’s say an Uzi. I can remember the drop rate is 1%, so I will use an Angry Trapper Stamp and then an arrow pointing at 1% next to an Uzi stamp for quick access Incase I need to know the drop rate.

4. Make your hardmode to-do list
Hardmode is a bit annoying starting out, so why not a little list on what you gotta do? I’ll give an example:

1. Destroy All altars in the crimson
2. Obtain a Palladium Pickaxe
3. Obtain a Mythril Anvil
4. Create an Adamantite Forge
5. Create a set of Palladium Armor
6. Obtain an Amarok
7. Get 20 Souls of Flight and a Giant Harpy Feather
8. Challenge Skeletron Prime
9. Create a Hallowed Repeater

Ok, you get the point.

So there is obviously a lot more you can do, but let me hear what you have to say about your opinion!
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