PC Bottomless Buckets and Sponges


Queen Bee
Currently there is no duplication protection on buckets or sponges. And that got me thinking there doesn't need to be (with one exception)

With the addition of shimmer the bottomless bucket and sponges can be crafted into their counterparts with the exception of the bottomless water bucket and water sponge which do need duplication protection. This is do to the bottomless bucket already having a recipe the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket XD

So the bottomless honey and lava buckets can be turned into their counterparts and vice versa via shimmer. But let's take it further by adding a new item that works similiar to the multi color wrench. The recipe would be as follows.

Bottomless Bucket, Bottomless Lava Bucket, Bottomless Honey Bucket, Bottomless Shimmer Bucket, Ultra Absorbent Sponge:
Creates the Neptune's Cup (This is a real thing by the way. it's a cup shaped sponge, and one of the largest sponges in the world.)
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