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Hello and welcome to another suggestion! Today well be discussing a new flamethrower idea, I mean is there any one who doesn't like holding a stick that's jets out fire that burns anything in its path?

Chiminea liquid night do not touch.png dangerous flamethrower do not touch.png
Velocity:3 (insanely fast)
Crafting (5) steel (made from iron or lead and liquid night which is dropped from mourning woods), Fire core 10% drop from skeletron prime, (12) souls of night
The weapon will shoot out 3 rows of orange fire (one forward and two diagonal)
Appearance: the flame thrower will look like a steel tube with holes in, and out of the holes spurts fire when the weapon is used. On the players back there will be a vat of liquid night. It also uses liquid night capsules, which are sold by the arms dealer after a mourning wood has been defeated.

That's all for now. Please leave a comment on what you think.
Thanks go to @DerpoTheMagnificent for the amazing sprites!
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