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Butterfly and Moth staff


The early game summoner doesn't have a lot going for him does he?
A insanley rare staff unless you get lucky with Pinky. A bee staff after you beat a boss? That isn't fun.
So here I am with this

Butterfly staff,
3 summon Damage
4% Critical strike chance (Just give the summoners crit damage.)
Very Weak knockback
10 mana
Summons 3 Butterflies to swarm your foe
Crafting: 3 Butterflies, 20 Wood,

But that's not it!
I also made a hardmode version.

Moth staff
28 Damage
4% Critical strike chance
Weak knockback
10 Mana
Summons 2 Moths to swarm your foes
Crafting: 26 Moth dust

Moth mask
8 Defense
increases minion capacity by 1 (2 if using moth staff)
+2% Minion damage

Moth breastplate
10 Defense
increases minion capacity by 1
+2% minion damage

Moth leggings
9 Defense
increases minion capacity by 1
+2% minion damage

Set bonus: +8% minion damage

Moths now drop Moth dust in quantities of 8-18

Wooden net
Allows bugs to be caught
One time use
Crafting 10 wood, 20 cobwebs,

That's it, Solving the early game summoner problem, and a defensive alternative to spider armor.
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This is a good suggestion, I like i-


Something isn't right here...

Why do we need the Wooden Net? Butterflies can be caught using the Bug Net...

We don't need the Wooden Net.
Everything else is good though!

EDIT: Oops, I'm stupid, I should've figured out that the Wooden Net is used to make the Butterfly Staff early game.
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