Can someone help me?

A few months ago I factory reset my pc not realising I didn't back up my terraria data. Therefore I lost 300 hours of progress. Does anyone know if I can get it back with recovery software or any other way?
I used a program called "iMyFone AnyRecover" for some old minecraft worlds on an old wiped harddrive and had some luck. it can be used free to see if you find anything and i think it can recover a couple files free as well, for the trial version. the chances of finding files goes down the longer you use the storage device (hard drive, ssd, flash drive) that the data was on originally as it just sits there till overwritten with new data when the space is needed, so the sooner you try to get the files back the better your chances. I last used it a couple years ago and not sure how secure it may be but almost all the recovery software looked at least a little sus.
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