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Can we please try not to devolve into Twitter?


The Mysterious One
How about instead of making a thread that doesn't have much to do with Terraria you start some of those discussions yourself? I honestly don't see anything wrong with the "what's your favorite x" threads. If you want to see something specific posted, you should do it your self. Just a thought :)


Don't see a problem with any of these threads. How does it make it like twitter and why is it bad?

Make an effort and make the posts you want to see, and people will post to the posts they like to see.


Eye of Cthulhu
Everybody has the right to post anything always they follow the Crossroads rules and don't have lack of content. So, why they should stop the "poll/survey" threads? I don't see anything bad.


Staff member
You just wait until they integrate hash-tags .
Hashtags actually make the search function extremely useful. I've used hashtags in posts for this in the past at the bottom of posts.

In reality, this thread provides less content than "favorite threads" and would likely be better as a status update or something. The best way to change things is to act on that change, not complain that they're not changing. ;)

Tunnel King

Moved to Forum Help & Feedback, as it's not really about Terraria.

This is a diverse community with many interests, not all of which appeal to everyone. There's good advice in the comments: find a way to make some part of the forum better and more interesting to yourself and others.
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