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Working as Designed Cascade - Yo-yo.


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Today, I’ve spent countless hours farming for the Cascade Yo-yo. I’ve tried fighting King Slime, monsters that spawn in the Underworld, and even statues, and nothing seems to be dropping it. I’m not sure if I’m just very unlucky or if it’s bugged. I’m playing in Master Mode, so any damage increase is very helpful. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you!


Staff member
Two questions.

1. Have you defeated Skeletron?

The Cascade will not drop from enemies in the Underworld until Skeletron is defeated.

2. Is your world in Hardmode?

If your World is in Hardmode, the Cascade is replaced by a much stronger Yo-yo drop called the Hel-Fire.


Staff member
Ok. Thank you!

Also, do you know if it is dropped by creatures summoned from statues or slimes summoned by King Slime?

I'm not completely certain on that. If it works similar to the Souls of Night/Light, it could be any enemy that is in the Underworld which would include slimes from King Slime or King Slime himself. It might also just be Underworld enemies.
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