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tModLoader Castleds Content


Get ready for the mods of your lifetime...

The craziest (and most helpful!)...

The Castled's Mods!

Welcome, and thanks for checking out the homepage of my mods!
I have created and developed two mods that provide content and QOL additions.

They are:
Castled's Content: A content mod
Castled's Token Addon: a quality of life mod.

So far, here's what both of these mods add:

40+ new items!

3 new bosses: Ancient Spirits, Corrupt Guardians and the Crimtane Prisoners,

1 new miniboss: Bone Dweller: Drops elusive materials that can craft powerful late pre-hardmode weapons!

Smaller additions, such as weapons, materials, and accessories.

1 new "event": Death. It requires The Calamity Mod in order to start (and perhaps a beefy PC)

A secret boss hidden inside this new event... or should I say bosses.

More features will be added!
Token Drops: In Expert Mode, Vanilla bosses will drop tokens that can be used to craft various items.
Certain mods have compatibility: craft the token using the Expert Mode drop.

imkSushi compatibility! You can now craft Thorium Mod items with the regular tokens,
and swap boss drops from the Calamity Mod using the Swap Tokens.

Accessory Crafting: You are now able to craft every uncraftable vanilla accessory.

Rusty Coins: a new currency use to trade with two new NPC's, both who have different purposes.

The Scavanger Specialist: he will sell various grab bags that drop Thorium Mod items. The prices, bags sold and drops will scale based on progression.

The Dealer, a jack of all trades. He has several shops to meet all of your needs. This NPC also has cross-mod compatibility.

Starting Items:
When you create a new character, you will have two new items: Broken Keys and Locked Lockbox.
Combine various materials with the broken key fragments to craft a class key,
which you can then combine with the lockbox to gain your
respective lockbox which will drop various items based on the key you used.
This also has cross-mod compatibility.

More features are planned to come!

Castled's Content: Click here (0.5: Latest Version)
Castled's Token Addon: Click here ( Latest Version)

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Unfortunately, I won't be developing my mod for a while, perhaps a month or so. Just wanted to say this in case people were expecting the common trend from me where I update them frequently.


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you've come a long way friend....back when u sent me a message about a pickup truck....yeah old times lol


Sneak peek: I will add another use to relics when 1.4 comes out for tModLoader.

I will also change the way that tokens work as well.
(Token Addon)
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