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tModLoader Castled's Equilibrium



Castled's Equilibrium Mod

Thanks for checking out this mod!

This is a mod project that has been created nearly two years ago, and is a mod that attempts to add abstract elements into Terraria.

Current update:
Feathers and Metal (Version 0.9.2)

Some Items in the mod
Nasha the Nymph & Grakos the Warlord

They are the embodiments of the two spirits of Hardmode, and their purpose is to test three elements of you: Agility, Resilience and Power.
They can be fought after Skeletron has been defeated, with an Unusual Totem
, crafted from bones, hellstone bars, dayblooms and deathweed.

Resprites of the items they drop
Harpy Queen


The ruler of the skies, A very difficult boss that can be fought in the skies after Queen Bee has been defeated, either
by finding her sleeping rarely in Space, or putting three feathers on a Skyware Artifact
, which can be found either in any sky chest, or in sky creates.

Sprite I've made for items related to her drops

The enormous, quantum-powered intendent of the Janitor Module, providing both possible fortune and fatility to those who are foolish enough
to call it forth.
This is a lottery-based minigame which can be initiated by purchasing a Mysterious Display Apparatus
from the Janitor Module
(a Town NPC that moves in once King Slime has been defeated), and using it once it's fully charged .

Original & Current Sprite (Credit to TacoBurritoGuacamole for creating it)

For anyone who's interested, you can customize how the Superintendent event displays your mod, with a custom title (and title color), keywords for item themes and blacklisting materialization of specific items by calling this mod in the PostSetupContent hook of your mod:
List<int> blacklist = new List<int>
//Put any item types in here
List<string> themes = new List<string>
//Put specific keywords of items, and all items which have that word will be selected
Color myColor = new Color();
Mod myMod = ModLoader.GetMod("CastledsContent");
myMod.Call(this, "Custom Mod Title", myColor, themes, blacklist);
Vanity Presets:

Reduce time between getting new haircuts, gender change potions and switching vanity items with the Vanity Valkyrie!:
Set your Preset Navigation hotkey, then create and name up to five presets, that stores visual character info (hair styles,
all colors; hair color, eye color, skin color, shirt color, etc., gender, vanity sets and up to five vanity accessories), then
all you have to do to switch to a preset is open the menu, switch to a preset, close the menu, and everything will be applied!

The Vanity Valkyrie can be purchased from the Clothier after Skeletron has been defeated.
A Slew of New Storage Items and Mechanics

You can now craft several new items to store your stuff.
All storage items have an item limit, and, with a config, can also show you what's inside and/or
highlight all of the items when emptying the bag/package to then quickly put them back into another means of storage.

Another fun perk is that instead of spewing items out of your inventory, when you open a storage item,
it will attempt to fill any empty slots within your inventory with the items from the bag, removing them from the bag in the process, while
items which can't be emptied will remain in the bag.

They all require a special material known as a Sealed Vacuum
which can be fished anywhere (with a higher chance in the sky), but can only be caught once per day.
Several visual and audio effects will appear/play if your bobber catches one, so that you won't forget to reel in.


These are items which you can leave in your inventory, and put whatever items you want.
A special perk with these is that some of these can be equipped as accessories and provide stat boosts,
but the real perk we want to focus on is Magic Pickup, a special modifier that
gives it the ability to pick up stray items on the ground if your inventory is full, and if there's space left
in the bag.

Now you can fulfil your dream of being a delivery man/woman/goblin/unicorn/etc. with these.
Just like bags, they have the exact same storage perks as them, but what sets them apart is that
you can place them on the ground, right-click to pick back up and get all of your items back from!

Packages require a material known as Cardboard
, which can be crafted with wood and bones
if you're standing at both a sawmill and a workbench.
The Tarr:

Credit to TacoBurritoGuacamole for creating the sprite

It's mean, it's lean, it's black & rainbow-colored (so also green)
Despite being exclusively accessed with CheatSheet and/or HERO's Mod, it proves to be the worst decision to spawn without
developer tools (or the right rancher knowledge ;))

It will consume anything that's nearby that isn't it's own kind;
players, bosses, town NPCs, you name it.

It pushes any items away.

Whenever it consumes anything with it's tarry appendage, it replicates.

Exiting the game won't do you any good as well...

Want to report feedback or bugs?
Join the Discord Server, and let us know about anything you have to share

Want an insane experience?
Check out my other mod:
Castleds's AI Scrambler

The Mod's GitHub Repository

Akocis, Aria, Atomic Renegade, AYO BRUH,
(basically, i am fox), Beepbopbop,
Invalid Pyrossal, Invasive,
Lewis /ˈluːɪs/,
Septimus Maximus the Third, SpicySpaceSnake, SupremeShadow,
TacoBurritoGuacamole, token,
Woodio, Wyvern,
yelloface, Yhariel
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Unfortunately, I won't be developing my mod for a while, perhaps a month or so. Just wanted to say this in case people were expecting the common trend from me where I update them frequently.


Official Terrarian
you've come a long way friend....back when u sent me a message about a pickup truck....yeah old times lol


Hey , is there a way you could upload some prior updates , the 15k update kind of broke my game :)))
Done! Added a section to Mod Dowloads which will send you to the Tags area of the repository, containing all previous versions of the mod. I'm not sure why update broke your game, but maybe it's something to do with perhaps the YABHB content. My friend (Optima) installed the update and had no problems. Can you explain how your game is breaking? I'll try my best to fix it in the next update.


Done! Added a section to Mod Dowloads which will send you to the Tags area of the repository, containing all previous versions of the mod. I'm not sure why update broke your game, but maybe it's something to do with perhaps the YABHB content. My friend (Optima) installed the update and had no problems. Can you explain how your game is breaking? I'll try my best to fix it in the next update.
Thank you so much. Here's the log

[17:01:58] [11/ERROR] [tML]: An error occurred while loading CastledsContent
The mod(s) have been automatically disabled.
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at CastledsContent.CastledsContent.Load() in CastledsContent.cs:line 67
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.<>c.<Load>b__38_0(Mod mod)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.LoadModContent(CancellationToken token, Action`1 loadAction)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.Load(CancellationToken token)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.Load(CancellationToken token)
[17:01:58] [11/INFO] [tML]: Disabling Mod: CastledsContent
[17:02:02] [1/DEBUG] [tML]: Process.Start (UseShellExecute = True): "C:\Users\Daniel\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Logs\client.log"


at CastledsContent.CastledsContent.Load() in CastledsContent.cs:line 67
Oh I see the problem now. I'm new to adding custom healthbars, so I didn't know how to format it correctly. I'm gonna try and fix it, and then publish the update some time later. Are you sure this is the only error?


Alright, I published the update. The YABHB bug should be fixed. I hope you're able to enjoy the new stuff I added now! :D


Also, just to clarify:
The latest update also removed every single old/bad feature from the previous updates:
Those including: Items that had outdated code, poor sprites, were unoriginal, bland and/or obnoxious (Beanos, for example)
So pretty much everything before the Nasha and Grakos Update
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