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tAPI Chad's Horse Mask+

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Pixel Pirate
This mod is only compatible with tAPI, and not with tModloader. Unless you haven't updated your Terraria in the past 2 years, I'm afraid you won't be able to play this mod.
Chadwick presents... Chad's Horse Mask and more Mod!

I'm very sorry in advance.
Februari 17 2015 - 1.0: Nightmarish Worms is now out!
The information in this spoiler is pretty outdated. Since I wrote the following wall of text I've added a bunch more masks and other thingies, so there's much more than this spoiler tells you about it. But who knows, maybe one day I will update this spoiler with more information about this mod. Meh.

So if you've been around for a while, you've likely come across my horse mask suggestion at one point or another. This mod is based around that suggestion. Basically, the mod adds a bunch of animal masks, and some ways to obtain those masks.
The first thing you'll notice is probably the
chickens and
pigs walking around your world. They both have a chance of dropping their
corresponding mask. Additionally, the pig has a chance of dropping bacon and/or a Hammer from the bacon suggestion. If you're very lucky, you might come across a
horse as well! 19 out of 20 times they drop a normal
horse mask, but rarely you might get a
zebra mask! It's just a fancy horse mask, really. But it's cool.
But the chicken, pig and horse aren't the only critters that drops masks, no sir. The
ducks and
squirrels of the world (amongst many others) sometimes carry a mask on them as well!
Once the Travelling Merchant decides to stop by every now and then, you may notice that he sometimes sells a
panda mask or
cat mask that he picked up somewhere on his travels.
TL;DR: A lot of different masks: some dropped by new critters, some dropped by existing critters, 2 sold by the Travelling Merchant.
And why do you want this mod? Ehm... More collectables! More masks to collect, next to the normal super-duper-boring boss ones, right? Because this mod is so small and simple, you can add it to your playthrough at pretty much any point!
The mod is not tested for multiplayer. I don't know how many problems could possibly arise from a few masks and animals, but just thought you should know.
Moon Event bosses have a 1/21 chance of dropping their masks, regardless of the wave you're in. For comparison: normal bosses have a 1/7 chance. This is because you'll probably fight way more of the moon event ones than the normal ones.
And the horse is hostile.
The Alpha masks in all their glory -

From left to right: Horse, Bird, Pig, Chicken (from Geneen), Squirrel, Zebra, Panda (from Geneen), Cat (from Geneen), Duck.
The 1.0 masks -

From left to right: Worm, Shark, Mouse, Bug, Goldfish, Frog, Santank, Ice Queen, Everscream, Mourning Wood, Pumpking.
The animals you can expect -
By suggesting more ideas for masks, and ways to obtain them. The more masks the better, right?
Ideas for more drops for the chicken and the horse (and maybe even some for vanilla critters) are also very much appreciated.
Keep in mind that I can't code :red:, though. So yeah.
I'm also looking for a new sprite for the bug mask. It's hideous as of now.
'Eternal' Alpha (Feb 7, 2015)
- Added 1 new monster
- Added 2 new critters
- Added 9 animal masks
- Added 2 new misc items
1.0: Nightmarish Worms (Feb 17, 2015)
- Added 6 new animal masks
- Added 5 new masks for the moon event bosses
- Red Cardinals now properly drop the Bird Mask
- Duck Mask can no longer be crafted with dirt
- Increased Travelling Merchant's price for masks
@rangerofthewest for the bacon suggestion, including bacon and HAMmer.
@nealpd for the HAMmer sprite.
@Geneen for the sprites for the Chicken, Panda and Cat masks.
@Logodum, @Shadow gamer, @darthmorf, @absentCrowned and @Forgotten Spear for suggestions for more masks.
@Drdragonfly for pointing out a bug with the duck mask and for the doge mask's sprite.
@Daimera for the bug mask's sprite.
@Pumpking for testing the moon event boss masks.
An estimated amount of 70 chickens, 10 horses, 1 worm, 6 butterflies, 15 squirrels, 60 pigs, 20 bunnies, 4 Chadwicks, 15 birds and no ducks beCAUSE I DIDN'T FUCKING FIND ANY OF THEM were killed for developement of this mod. Their input will not be forgotten and their efforts not in vain.


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Heh, thats great, but some of the mods already have some of that stuff. Tremor mod has the Horse and the Horse vanity mask and BLITZ mod has the pig mob, bacon and hammer. I want a fish mask and a worm mask.
[DOUBLEPOST=1423345469][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh also, add a shrek mask that can drop from the swamp thing ! Shrek is Love shrek is Life.


Pixel Pirate
Haha, this is amazing. Nice work Chadwick. I love seeing small, refined mods like this one.
Yay! A mod! With awesome stahf!
Heh, thats great, but some of the mods already have some of that stuff. Tremor mod has the Horse and the Horse vanity mask and BLITZ mod has the pig mob, bacon and hammer. I want a fish mask and a worm mask.
Yeah, that's a pity. I don't think I can do anything about that, though :/
Thanks for the suggestions as well! I think we already have a fish mask, though. As part of the fish vanity set and in a way also when using the Neptune's Shell.


Pixel Pirate
And it's born!
I feel like his is the foundation of the production of a Majora's Mask remake. So many masks...
A chicken mask that would transform you into a cucco. We need that.
Looking gr8 m8.
Oh deer that horse mask tho.
Thanks! also you said 'deer'
Awesome! More masks to showcase in my Mask Showcase Room.
I would really like to see a goldfish mask! Also these look great!
Ok ok I'll make a goldfish mask. And thanks!
So... Should I remove the Horse Mask and the Horse from my mod?
Well I don't feel like demanding you to remove them, after all I did give you permission to add them. It would make the mods compliment eachother more, but it's up to you.


I was farming sharks for the Diving Helmet and I thought, "we need Shark Masks, that'd be awesome". Not sure it would fit with the rest since sharks aren't critters, but heh, Corrupt Bunnies are hostile too and they drop the Bunny Mask.

Also, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the horse in the wild. "Beautiful Stallion" killed me. XD

Keep up the good job, and add more masks please.

EDIT: Not sure if it's easy to implement, but it would be cool if the new critters could be caught with the Bug Net and put in cages, like the vanilla ones.
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