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Switch Change Sandstorms


On Switch, it seems like 85% of the time, there is a sandstorm. The combination of the wind moving the player, excessive spawns, and particle effects, it’s just annoying. But I’m no saying to nerf it. I’m thinking that when 1.4 come to Switch (or any other console), Sandstorms should be based on Wind Speed. What I mean is, there will be no sandstorm unless there is a Windy Day event. Doing so would make things a lot easier.
Lastly, it would make it similar to the Blizzard, in the fact that with these changes, they would both correlate with the weather. Rain? A blizzard. Excessive Winds? A sandstorm.

I know lots of players would want something like this.
Please make it happen.


As far as PC 1.4 concerned (and therefore I'm assuming once other platforms update, it will be same there too)
sadstorms are connected to windy days. on a windy day when the wind is more than 30 mph, it has a chance to be a sandstorm (though not guaranted). there are no sandstorms any other time, just when that condition met (which actually sometimes make them rather super rare...)

blizzards are connected to rain since even before 1.4. I dunno if it's not the same on other platforms though.


Yeah, on switch there’s almost always a sandstorm going. I just want to make sure that it won’t be like that when it gets 1.4.
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